Innocent or Guilty


Session 1 - The Beginning...

Using Eclipse – The Codex Persona as the base of the system (d20 rule set, 3.5 edition for everything else).


Harold is played by Matt, a mouthy 15 year old. Appears human, but his friends except Gabrielle have all outgrown or left him.

Occupation – Street Urchin

Disadvantages – Broke, Irreverent and Poor Reputation

Gabrielle is played by Bekah, a mousy 15 year old girl. Appear human, but her friends except Harold have all outgrown or left her.

Occupation – Street Urchin.

Disadvantages – Broke, Poor Reputation, Dependent

The Story so far…

Our small group of two decided to start off with roguish street kids of the apparent age of 15. Barely ecking out an existence they’re overjoyed when they get a message to meet at a warehouse for a “job”.

Meeting at the warehouse, they notice other street urchins (not affiliated with the local thieves’ guild). Within minutes a loud boom and then the local constable forces are there arresting them and taking them to jail. An elderly man shows up at their jail cell and gets them set free. He explains he needs them to acquire a Talisman that will reveal the truth of the matter and clear their names as well as the other local kids.

They reluctantly agree, but demand a high price in return for their cooperation – A hot meal. The old man agrees, but tells them to buy it themselves with the money they have (Found in their ‘Geased’ bracers with a small pocket dimension which holds a money pouch).

They deduce a method of tracking down the talisman. They ‘bribe’ some beggars with a good meal and learn ‘Charles’ fenced the item. Locating Charles, they are able to get him to inadvertently reveal he sold the talisman to a Lord Gunther. They buy supplies and raid Lord Gunther’s house that night. Barely able to avoid being killed by a rug, they press onward. They locate the talisman after defeating another rug and return it to Merrick “Wrinkles” a powerful mage of some repute. (After having been tailed by “the Bully” (A local thief in the guild who had them framed for the murders of Lord and Lady Elderit).

Discovering that Merrick’s home is wholly magic they asked what should happen next, well, Merrick offered them a place to stay and training in return for doing odd jobs for him; or they could do whatever they want. They both opted to stay with the Wizard and that’s where we ended our first game.



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