Innocent or Guilty


Weddings and Wolves!

Quick intro of the new players, Matt and Ian. Got the Chinese ordering done for a later lunch meal.

Our Cast for this game:
  • Gabrielle (Played by Rebekah)
  • Harold (Played by Conor)
  • Yon (Played by Mike)
  • Liam (Played by Nick)
  • Felix (Played by Matt K.)
  • Benley (Played by Ian)

And so we began the game: “Harold, Harold! I had the strangest dream….” as Gabrielle recounts her tall tail of being in another place with a talking squirrel on a flying lizard whilst fighting fanged monkeys… Though their may be something to the story as she is sporting a new Ring.

For the second time in a few days, the party is summoned to lunch with Merrick. He seems a little perplexed at the fact he’s being invited to a wedding. The groups stumbles over themselves trying to tactfully explain the events of last time, but jumble it badly down to the dress being ruined which is why it was rescheduled. Being ever so generous, Merrick invites the party to share in the ‘ceremony’ of the wedding again, and the courtly ball afterward. The group was again sent to retrieve the Wedding Dress from the Dressmaker and to meet at the Cathedral for the ceremony. Lucius was flaming as ever, of course Harold, Liam and Yon stayed outside this time, while Benley and Felix came rushing out as quickly as possible, feeling violated on some deeper level, leaving Gabrielle to carry the dress out herself.

The group takes the dress to the Castle without fuss and then makes their way to the Cathedral where Merrick is already sitting and awaiting them. The wedding goes smoothly with more protections this time around, complete with Wall of Force and armed guards. After the Wedding, the group is swept to the Reception where the group mingles amongst the nobles, some fair better then others…

  • Liam is singled out by an exotic beauty of perhaps 17 years of age, her almond eyes are very unique in the crowd. Speaking to Liam alone in a foreign language, he stammers out such things as, “uh yeah, you’re very nice”, “Uh huh” and other positive responses, not knowing what he is replying to… After lengthy conversation she puts her hands together kisses him on both cheeks and bows deeply to him.
  • Gabrielle finds her shyness melt away as she discusses the horrid conditions on the streets, then later she is swept away by a perfect noble gentlemen, who is very gracious with her lack of formal dance training. He seems very much enthralled with her.
  • Benley is cornered by four young ladies and finds that his protective food plate has been taken from him and he’s escorted to the dance floor where one such young lady dances with him. He dances with grace and ability only found in natural talents. However, he conspires to dance towards Harold and passes her off before she realizes what has happened.
  • Harold finds himself speaking of politics, dodging engagement proposals and such, and then finds he’s dancing with a young woman who was recently dancing with Benley…
  • Yon artfully dodges the nobles and discusses things politely. Though he fails to notice his friends falling into traps of the young nobles. Or the fact that some have agreed to things they didn’t even realize.
  • Felix finds his discussions dry and boring, though he holds his own. The nobles find his topics rather boring and leave him be after while.

Merrick approaches Harold, Yon and Felix and let them know he is going home, he tells them to enjoy the evening and try to return together.

After that he disappears. Yon begins to overhear rumors of the farmers being shredded outside the city walls. He gathers up his accosted friends and goes forth at the late hour to investigate.

Waking up a farmer, Yon learns that the next farmstead was attacked in such a manner. Yon drags his companions to the next farmstead and investigate. The barn is a scene from a slaughter, barn animals are slaughtered in various ways, some are more recent than others… the flies are thick and the smell is rancid. Gabrielle and Felix lose the contents of dinner and remain outside. Finding rather large paw prints, they discuss going towards the nearby forest.

Rather compulsively, they go to the forest. Traveling some distance they hear the howls of wolves. Pressing onward the lone scout (Benley) is attacked by two wolves… regular looking to the group, and definitely not evil. Gabrielle slays one easily, and then the rest of the group kill the second wolf. A large Wolf appears, howls (sending shivers down their spines, and the two recently dead wolves get back to their feet and press on the attack. After that, Big Bad Wolf leaves.

The group drags the dead (for the second time) wolves back to the barn and maintain a vigil till morning, where they decide to return home and sleep. Upon returning they find notes inviting them to a social event at 2pm, Yon has a general invite to investigate the brutal slayings of farmers by the town guard, and Liam has an invite for lunch at 12 noon by Duchess Chi.

[Party levels up to 2nd level]

Liam rests, and then proceeds to his social gathering. Upon meeting the duchess, he casts a comprehend languages so he may understand her. He quickly learns he’s agreed to an engagement, and he will be publicly married in one week. In his attempts to back out he discovers (much to his chagrin) that he can’t say anything negative about marrying her, or trying to get out of it… He quickly leaves using the excuse they need to slay a fearsome beast.

The rest of the group goes to their 2pm social gathering where they learn of Liam’s engagement; a few of the woman show some interest in the men of the group. And the young man that danced with Gabrielle courts her some more.

Yon goes to the Captain of the guard and is briefed on the attacks, complete with where the strikes have been. He has an idea of where the next strike may happen.

Meanwhile, Liam returns to the manor, and accosts Merrick. He discovers he is in fact married, in a special ritual, but the custom dictates the consummation takes place in one week, normally after the public ceremony. Merrick seeing the desperation tries to throw cold water at Liam by telling him the only way to end the ritual is His or Her death, knowing full well that Liam would never consider such a thing. Merrick also privately knows the ritual will not allow them to attempt such a thing, nor hire another to accomplish such a deed. For the ritual is not just magic but bound with Love.

We ended at this point – 6:15pm.


Mike’s Log Entry

So this is the session recap of 8/16/09 for Innocent or Guilty.

Gabrielle awoke distraught, for she had just been released from the most interesting… well we’ll call it a Dream. In this dream, she is fighting some bad men with dark skin, pointy ears, and long gray hair. All of a sudden, a squirrel riding a lizard flies in, snatching her away with… it’s tongue?

When she awoke, she had a new ring on her finger, and her dress was noticeably ripped in several places. This was no normal dream… or WAS it a dream? Going to the galley for some food (which, for Gabrielle and Harold is often) they meet the rest of the household, which apparently has increased since their last meeting. Yon is still there, with pristine armor, along with Liam, sour face as ever, and Merrick, head of the table. New to the scene are Felix, who is lacking much muscle, and Benley, who lacks height. This is very much an interesting addition to those already seated, since Yon lacks humility, Liam lacks cheerfulness, and Harold along with Gabrielle both lack a lot of maturity. Merrick opens up by showing the party the wedding invitation and asking “Um, didn’t I already send you to this?” to which he got a rather sheepish explanation of the attempted murder of the princess and the accusation of Harold. Begrudgingly, Merrick explains that the dress must be picked up again, and he will attend, but his tone of voice implied he’s dragging the teenagers with him. The group is given two hours to prepare. During that time, Benley and Felix find rings in their quarters, Benley pockets his, Felix wears his.

Gathering the dress was rather interesting for Felix and Benley, who haven’t yet met the very impressionable Luscious – err Lucius, the dressmaker. The boys who met him shuddered to think to meet him again, so they stayed outside, but Lucius took a liking to Felix as he gave Gabrielle the dress. Was Felix part blink dog? Who knows, but he sure got outside as fast as one. Gabrielle handed the dress to Yon, who has the biggest armspan, and carried the dress to the castle. Showing the guards and the head of the servants the notes that Merrick has given the teens to show for their invitation (after Gabrielle hides behind Harold when she quips things to the guard), they all go to the cathedral where the second attempt at a wedding is held. Several spectators give the teens rude looks, which Liam returned, and received even ruder looks as a reply. The wedding was performed without a hitch, because, well, surprisingly, the princess had a small army of guards around her when she was in the ceremony. Mazel tov!

At the wedding reception, the youths decide to attempt blending in socially. Liam fails dramatically, mostly because he doesn’t wish to respond to anybody for any reason. Benley doesn’t fare much better, but at least he isn’t spitting on people. Yon converses well, but the true stars of the reception were Harold and Gabrielle, who apparently channeled the knowledge of political ramifications of adverse effects of socioeconomic protocols within boundaries of governmental monarchies. Hours pass, when several women begin to flock to both Benley and Liam, a few to Harold, and several men flock to Gabrielle. Yon finds this intriguing and concerning, but didn’t much wish to prevent it yet. Well he should have, because when one very eager woman spoke to Liam in a foreign language, Liam did not understand her but smiled and nodded. The others were not exactly having fun with their party dates, so when Yon caught wind of a rumor in which something was ripping apart livestock outside of town, when he asked them to join him in finding it, they very readily agreed, especially Liam.

General knowledge of the city allowed the youths to deduce that south is where the farmland is, so south they went, avoiding a particularly nasty part of town upon Harold’s request. Once at the farmland, they knock on the door of the house, and a gentleman ushers them in, explaining that the slaughter was on the farm of people next to his. So, the teens traveled to that farm, finding a slaughter house which should be a barn. The rancid smell of decaying flesh was so strong that Gabrielle had to lose her dinner. Pity, it was a good dinner.

Bloody corpses everywhere, some fresh, some days old, indicated something kept coming back. The 2nd floor of the barn indicated it was a wild animal who wiped their paws on the hay to keep from bloodying a path, and the burst inward window covering explains how the creature got inside. The farmer’s house was empty, so the party decides to head toward the woods. Benley was scouting ahead, somehow seeing in the dark, when he was attacked by two wolves, one of which bit him. Gabrielle, runs, jumps off a tree, flips, and stabs a wolf in the back of the head. Fatality.

Everybody decides to attempt to kill the second wolf as quickly as possible, but Gabrielle again adds one to her kill tally. Pity the youths were focused so much on that wolf, because they didn’t notice the one four times it’s size which was 30 feet away. It howled fiercely with it’s red eyes, and the two downed wolves were suddenly not downed anymore. Their eyes glowed red as well. Lovely. Undead wolves. Felix uses psychic powers against the first wolf, and Yon strikes the second one. Harold flanks the first, and Gabrielle again tries to down the second.

The quadra-sized wolf flees into the forest. Yon avoids being bitten, but Gabrielle does not. She gets hurt very badly by the attack. Felix stabs the first, Benley slices the second with his scimitar, downing it again. Yon runs after the quadra-sized wolf, and Harold downs wolf one. After searching, Yon gives up not knowing where the large wolf went. The party take the two dead undead wolves to the barn in an attempt to lure the massive one, but realize they fail when it never shows up.

Their plan fruitless, the teens go back to Merrick’s for some well-earned rest. All six teens get at least one letter, Yon gets two. Liam’s first letter is inviting him to the house of… his FIANCEE? Yon’s first letter is to invite him to the guard to assist in the defeat and capture of… oh yeah that ravenous thing which is killing at the farms. Been there, done that. The second letter, and everybody else’s only letter, is an invite to a luncheon at 2pm. Liam leaves early to figure out his new fiancée, Yon sleeps in, as do most of the rest of the teens. At the abode of Liam’s affianced, he is told by the noble woman that she was overjoyed at his acceptance of the idea of unity, and has the King’s blessing. The ensuing production of fumbling the disappointing attempt at rejection is utterly hilarious. Even admissions of homosexuality are useless against the deflective apologetics this woman uses. Fleeing from her proves also to be a challenge, as the kiss she gives him on the cheek somehow mystically induced a form of pain upon any rejection he may give to the woman from that point forward.

At the luncheon, rumor has spread that Duchess chi has become betrothed to Liam, and the youths meet up with their previous night’s dates. Benley’s stalker lunges on him, while Gabrielle’s suitor attempts to woo her. Hours go by and the party is acclimated. Yon takes his leave to go to the Barracks, and Benley asks to go with, and does.

Liam runs to talk to Merrick, while Felix walks with the mischievous Harold who teases Gabrielle, also going to Merrick.

Yon speaks with the captain, and explains the previous night’s encounter, and that the wolf is still at large. The captain understands and asks Yon to still search and dispatch the vile creature, which Yon easily agrees to, and returns to the house. At the house of Merrick, the library which strangely holds a floating fish, also has a studying Merrick who is interrupted by a distraught Liam. Liam pleads to find an evasion or loophole, but the only one that Merrick can think of is the unthinkable – dispatch the Duchess. Liam storms out angrily.

- End Mike’s Recounting.



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