Innocent or Guilty – The plot thickens…

This is a simple d20 ‘point buy’ Eclipse – The Codex Persona system. This is a six player group.

The author of the Eclipse source also has a website to contact him or see other creations using the system check it out HERE at the Eclipse – The Codex Persona Author’s Site

The current party started as street kids, they were framed for a crime they did not commit, but ended up recovering an item that would prove their innocence. They’ve accepted the ‘sponsorship’ of a powerful wizard in return for training and performing the odd job.

In our next session the street kids met other wards of Merrick. They were grouped together to go get a wedding dress and attend a wedding in Merrick’s stead. They were framed for trying to assassinate the Crown Princess. Through an interesting series of events they cleared their name and brought the real criminal to justice. They were dragged back to the wedding and the ball afterward (after being cleared of the previous charges). They were tracking down a foul beast killing the local farmers. They discovered the beast – now known as the “Big Bad Wolf” had somehow been kidnapping children and seemed to be a werewolf. They rescued several girls being used in some sort of dark ritual in the land of the fey. They returned from the forrest to find Merrick battling a dragon outside the City. Merrick was ‘slain’ and the dragon left. Using the rings, they discovered their sanctuary at the mansion could no longer be accessed. They ended up staying with the ‘Duchess Chi’, whom Liam is actually Betrothed or Married, depending on whom is asked. Liam’s “Public” wedding to the duchess looms closer and closer. Liam ended up being “killed” by an assassin, he was brought back, and the wedding progressed as planned, however, with Liam being left at the Altar by the Duchess with her new husband.

The group used their rings to locate five crystals of power that opened up the Mansion and revived the body of Merrick. Merrick awoke, explained a few details that had happened and then sent the group from the town for their own safety, well at least that of Gabrielle and Harrold, whom a powerful enemy was trying to find. They left for Harrowdale, defeated a denizen in the forest of Myth Dranor. At Harrowdale weird things happened, odd visions and prophecies were told. Yon was kidnapped, Gabrielle and Harold meet a person who claims to know them or at least their parents. They discover they are actually dragons. They leave the town for an assassin’s guild is after them for bringing the end of the world.

They watch a herd of cows, get attacked by undead cows and then track the undead to a lair deep in the forest. Inside the tunnel Harold gets into trouble as he is attacked by undead. Liam comes to his aid, but has used most of his magics on a dog. When they both discover the main villain, they decide a withdrawal is in order. A battle ensues in the tunnel with reinforcements and then a general idea of going back to Harrowdale is decided. We ended with the group planning their next action against the Necromancer and the Assassins.

(See the Adventure Log for a more detailed accounting).

Next Game – (Start Time 3:15pm)
  • 01/24/10 (S8) (Rescheduled For Matt)
  • 02/28/10 (S9) Reschedule as DDC is on the 2nd Sunday Weekend
  • 03/28/10 <matt>
  • 04/11/10 .
  • 05/09/10 .
  • 06/13/10 .
  • 07/11/10 .
  • 08/08/10 <gm>
  • 09/12/10 .
  • 10/10/10 .
  • 11/14/10 .
  • 12/12/10 .

END 2010

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Innocent or Guilty

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