Innocent or Guilty

Session 10

Family Reunions can be painful

GM NOTE: This is from memory for a game played back in March [writing this up October]

GM Recap

The group was deciding the course of action back at Merrick’s manor. They decided getting fuel for the ship was a good idea and decided to head out. The manor exit placed them in an alley. Liam spots his father, and rushes to attack the man. Liam rains mighty blows that would have felled any lesser man, as Liam’s father teleports away, Liam stays with him.

The group now realizes Liam is no longer in the area and begin frantically searching for him. At a point they realize they can use their ring to track him down. They end up at a warehouse that has a lone guard. The guard tells them they have no business here and they need to leave. Burgmor finally gets tired of the discussion and zaps him with a spell that kills him.

The group discovers a secret door leading into a hidden prison. They find Liam on a torture device so horrible that it can’t be written down, but it’s effect is to leave Liam begging for death. After causing more torture to his pain wracked body they manage to free him. They are able to get him healed, but the mental trauma remains. Liam ends up fleeing and hiding in his old house, pouting. He has a conversation with “Jeeves” the spirit butler of the Mansion. Harold finally tracks him down where there is an explosive encounter which Liam heads into the sewers, the group catches up and Burgmor initiates a fight with Liam. They subdue him and take him home to the manor.

Liam has a deep conversation with Merrick, to which the rest of the group is not privy.

That was the entire game to my recollection.



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