Innocent or Guilty

Session 12

Don't Tread on Me

GM Recapped after food menu was taken.

The Cemetery was cleaned up – the Manor Rings lit up and led the group to the Manor Backyard. Merrick met with them and said Felix was acting a little stir crazy and seemed to miss romping with them. Felix the wolf came and mauled Yon.

Yon had Burgmor inspect his Sword, [it shrunk in Burgmor’s hands and he was impressed by it’s complexity], he was able to store a Lightning Bolt spell inside but couldn’t ascertain much about the sword.

The Group headed back to the Cemetery with Felix whom discovered a scent trace of a pentagram. Burgmor felt the power was beyond him and brought Merrick. Merrick along with Brother Thadeus, did a complex dispelling ritual, and then commented upon how it seemed a little too easy. Merrick took his leave as did Brother Thadeus.

The Manor Rings Flashed Red…

Meanwhile, poor Liam was consoling the Duchess Chi after her loss. Assassin’s struck Liam with a poisoned bolt which completely paralyzed him. Felix the wolf caught the assailants completely unawares and managed to trip both of them. Gaby showed up and watch and interfered after one shot a ray of fire on Felix [17 hp, ouch]. Gaby made short work of one, and then with Liam defeated the other. [Chi shoved something in Liam’s face which shook off the effects of the paralytic]. Liam discovers that the Assassin’s were from his father’s guild. Deciding it’s not safe here, they move the Duchess to a hide out [The manor won’t accept non-ring bearers it is learned].

They plan and strategize for the upcoming ransom transfer. Their plan goes according to plan, for the most part. A Shadowy figure appears on top of a mausoleum, and instructs the Duchess in the next steps. Another Figure wearing a Peacock Feather in his hat also appears. The Shadowy Figure makes a cutting remark about lack of muscle, to which Peacock does a preemptive strike [He mind speaks to those that failed their save “Grab the girl and run!”. The two figures have a demonstration of a wizards’ duel while the party deals with shadows trying to reach Duchess Chi. Liam, ever the hero get’s to the side of the duchess and fends off two assailants. He then grabs her and through amazing feats of acrobatics is able to sequester the Duchess to safety. Yon reaches the spot and causes an electrical nova followed by a nova wave. His pretty gem goes white. Felix goes to assist Gaby and Harold who have decided to confront the Shadowy figure. As they all run for safety, Felix does a parting shot that knocks the shadowy figure down and disrupts the Wizards’ Duel.

The group flees for a hidey hole…

End Game


A young boy, perhaps eight, intercepts the group and hands Yon a crystal. Upon the transfer the crystal lights up and a “holographic” image of Peacock Man appears.

“Greetings, I had been prepared to die tonight saving your lives, but it appears you saved mine. I lack the resources necessary to properly protect the Duchess. The plans of the Tabarath Cult run deep, and with her as their puppet they would establish a power base to do more harm in the world. The Duchess has protective magics that will become active and protect her, but only if she is betrothed or married. Alas, I’m too old, and not interested in settling down. I’m sure she’ll find a suitable prospect closer to her age. Know that your part in all this is a complex pattern. The cult will only focus on you as long as she is unmarried, or until your next time conjunction. Do us both a favor and get the girl married. Though to the lad who saved my life – you’ve earned yourself a powerful and relentless enemy. Peace and Prosperity shine upon you”

Image disappears and the crystal splits into 7 rubies (appraisal would put them at 1,000gp each).

Elsewhere – Picking himself off the cemetery ground, the shadowy man looks around. Cursing Simon’s interference. The oracles had guaranteed that tonight would be highly favorable. The youths were weaklings and would not have been able to stop him from gathering the girl. The chosen ones were occupied and unable to interfere. Everything had said victory was his tonight. His superiors would be very disappointed in his performance. The Image of the Wolfboy was foremost in his mind. That one would not get away with this insult. He would pay. Those darn interfering kids – Let them savory their victory for tomorrow is a new day…



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