Innocent or Guilty

Session 14

Foxes, wolves and Undead, OH MY!

Link to the Log:

Innocent or Guilty – Session 14
Posted on February 28, 2011 by legacyking

Players Present:

  • Bekah
  • Mike
  • Calvin
  • Conor
  • Nick
  • Matt K.
  • Christopher [Cameo from Kids group]

We started with Yon being summoned to attend to the King. After being assigned to mingle in the high court, Talios made an entrance. Yon, recognizes Talios, a high ranking noble, and loyal bodyguard of the royal family. Talios makes his way over to Yon and they start discussing various topics. Meanwhile, Oliver is trying to hide out of view near one of the servant entrances, when he’s tackled with a girlish squeal of “DOGGIE!”. Being a rather tall 4′ 6″ and 90lbs Anthromorph Fox, he’s surprised to be taken down by an 8 year old girl. Extricating himself and rushing to hide behind Yon, he avoids the girl, whom is taken in hand. Oliver is introduced to Talios. Yon is surprised to see his friend from eight years ago is now a mute.

Yon takes Talios and Oliver back to the mansion – Yon gets two Bracers from the Mansion Butler, and is told by Merrick about the Skeletal structure outside of town. After a bunch of introductions – Oliver and Talios are introduced to the ragtag group of misfits.

Yon, leads the group out of the town. The guards at the gate bow respectfully to Talios. They see the structure and see a group of skeletons heading into the forest. Felix bolts to the forest, Oliver tries to stop him, but does slow him down. Felix then becomes Huge. Oliver goes to tackle him before whimpering and going into a small ball. The rest of the group sees the skeletons are being fought by wolves, and none other than the Big Bad Wolf. Yon engages a skeleton, but misses, instead he goes after Big Bad Wolf. Big Bad Wolf leads his ‘pack’ to engage more skeletons. Yon finally lands a blow on the Big Bad Wolf, one of the other wolves takes Yon to the ground [3 Hp left]. Oliver intercepts, the Big Bad Wolf, takes off and howls, the rest of the pack takes off after. As the Big Bad Wolf passes Harold and Gaby, he tosses a pouch to them.

The group gathers, Burgmor identifies the contents and weapon crystals, two of them will deal additional damage to undead, the third does the same, but will also allow critical strikes.

Continuing onward, they return to the skeletal structure, and a field of death surrounding it. After overcoming the Umbral magic, the group enters the massive structure. Inside, a skeleton is slowly forming between Four Columns, with shadowy weaves. A chalice of Undeath sits atop a lattice above the four columns. Felix blasts it down, Oliver tumbles and grabs it, but not before the blood spills upon the ground and a Large Skeleton appears fully formed. They destroy the skeleton, Yon unleashes a powerful Lightning Bolt Blast; Gaby sneak attacks and takes it down. A set of Bracers are found, and Burgmor discovers they create gauntlets of force. He grabs the chalice and sticks it in his Band of holding. After that, the structure begins to collapse, Yon reacts fast and escapes before the structure collapses on him. The entire group is coated in white bone dust.

We ended on time at 9pm.



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