Innocent or Guilty

Session 6

Where to go from here...

Party Recorder Notes – by Mike.

When last we left our merry group…

Liam said no to the marriage of dutchess Chi, and someone just like him married her after an assassination attempt on Liam the double. Afterwards he received handwraps and the whole group parties. Yon learns that Chi’s husband is an ambassador from the country of Kara-Tura who knows the Emperor. It was sort of a political wedding for the Kara-Turians here. Liam is only slightly smashed at this party. Harold finds someone new and toasts to “long life” and passes out. Yon distances himself and notices others distancing himself like an old guy with a ruby encrusted walkingstick, and some weirdos from inbred houses which don’t get out much. Gabby is dancing with the hot guys but didn’t have time to get drunk. Yon notices Liam Harld and Felix have disappeared so Yon goes looking for them. Felix and Harld are outside. Yon goes back inside with Harold over his shoulder and with Felix he convinces Gabrielle to leave (amidst disappointed suitors) Gabrielle uses her ring to try and find Liam and fails, Yon looks at her ring and follows it’s trail to a park. Felix goes running off, Yon calls after him, there’s no answer but there is barking coming from the direction he’s running. Yon tries to figure out Liam’s motivations for being in a tree while Gabs goes up in the tree with Liam. The barking stops as Liam asks about it. So we go look for Felix and find a wolf “nom-ing” on something which looks to be a mouse. He bounds toward Liam and Gabrielle. Liam asks the wolf if it knows where Felix is, telling it to bark once for yes and twice for no. It barks, and they ask it to take them where Felix is. The wolf sits. Eventually They figure out the wolf is Felix. Harold starts to come around, groggily, while walking to an inn. Along the way theres a piercing scream. Liam runs toward it, Yon follows, and the Big Bad (coward) wolf is there growling at the woman. We all rush in to attack as the woman flees, Gabby fumbles, Felix missed biting, Liam flippy trippy dippy kicky thingy’s the wolf and hits, forcing it to yip. Harld slips off of Yon’s shoulders and flanks, hitting! Yon runs up and swings, hitting. It drops to the ground, appearing perhaps dead. Within seconds the body changes to an asian version of Liam. And the whistles of the guards happen from the streets. The guards think that the wolf form of Felix is the wolf that the lady was complaining about. We are all escorted. Hours later the detective Caruso shows up and Felix says “someone let me out of this cage?” Someone puts Felix into the cell, Caruso questions everybody about the situation and gets our statements but can’t release us yet. A high muckity-muck shows up – Chancellor to the king (who Yon answers to) pulls Yon aside and questions him. He explains that they must find and identify the “lady of the evening” which ran from the situation. Great. The paladin needs to find a whore.

Harold uses his knowledge to try and find a brothel… and chooses to go to the upper class areas that had good pot pies that he stole every once in a while. The local matron calls herself Momma Dee (she has a reputation of being fair and abrupt.) Yon is the only one brave enough to go first. The place has a heavy aroma. The lady in waiting shows up and we question her, learning she knows what actually happened. Yon tells the madam that under the authority of the king she is to be questioned by the chancellor and they take her to the chancellor. Gabby asks her name. It’s Karna. We get to the chancellor and tell him the woman has evil within her, and one of our group is acting funny ever since she met her. Karna reaches across Liam to show Gabs her nails and somehow Liam is enchanted as well. The chancellor calls for some colleagues and when they arrive they cast something and ask the two how they feel. It seems the casting didn’t work. They come out with a bracelet and try to put it on her. The casting continues, and Gabs and Liam cease their “bff” status. When the bracelet finally is put on she turns into a purple skinned pointy eared exotic creature. Liam figures out she’s evil now. They identify her as a dark fey, and are surprised she is in this world. She enticed the ambassador out and caused him to change form through magicks and we were mistaken as his killer.

We get out the castle gates and onto the street and head toward that abandoned building we were thinking that we could use for shelter. The sky turns dark and our rings start to glow. A barrier like effect happens over the city. The rings get brigher as we get closer, and we put the rings together and a ball of “red” forms inbetween and a big onyx black arrow is pointing somewhere. Eventually it leads toward a different park and eventually a tree. Felix tries to touch the tree with his fist and his hand goes partially into the tree. The tree is an illusion of a pedestal with a hollow core and a diamond ore quartz. Liam goes to touch it, and ceases to do much… beginning to drool. Apparently a million years (give or take) go through his head and Merrick is one of the last memories. He says that there are four more crystals to find, and they must be arranged in an obelisk to help bring Merrick back. Bringing the rings together, the arrow appears again to give us the direction of a wall. Felix appears to prod and poke the wall, and is punched and throws him back… by the wall. Yon detects no evil. All five of us approach the wall with our rings, Liam saying we were sent by Merrick. The wall parts. There is a red crystal. Harold goes for it. Harold grabs it, but nothing happens. We step out and the wall closes. The next arrow points to a pond. Liam goes into the pond, and is ejected. The pond morphs into a cohesive rectangle with arms. We are attacked. We attack back, And it goes sploosh. Gabby goes for the blue crystal. Gabby is in pain. The next arrow takes us to a shrine of an elemental lord. There is a pit of fire. Gabby has a protection from fire ring. She goes down to the bottom and thanks the lord of fire elemental-ness. She takes the black crystal and heads back up, giving it to Felix. The next arrow takes us to a mound in the middle of the park we found felix change into a dog in. Yon lifts the cloth disguised as a mound and sees a small stone with indentations on each corner. The crystals are inserted and a green crystal appears. Yon takes it, and the group puts the cloth back on the ground and it looks like a mound again. The arrow points to the center of town and a 4 sided obelisk which has slots hidden within it’s inscriptions. The fifth slot is on the horse of the statue. The monument glows, and felix opens a door which appears. When opened, it looks to be pure darkness inside. All five step inside. We are home… it’s the foryer of the mansion.

Merrick is laid out in a room in the mansion. We all step on spots correlating with the colors of the crystals. A bell gongs, and the scripts turn fillagree? with magic, and the symbols line up, and shoots a crystal rod into the coffin. The body is surrounded by a white mist, and the cover of the coffin is no longer there. The mist is clearing and the body has a rosy look to it. Harold looks to the coffin and Merrick awakens. Everybody says their hellos, and Yon smiles. Merrick looks to his ring, which is gone. He snaps his fingers, calling Jeeves, and the butler appears. He calls for a status report, and nods. Gabby recaps to Merrick.

Apparently Jeeves is the reason Liam did not die… Jeeves is the one that repaired the damage to Liam’s heart and pulled the spirit back into Liam after it was leaving. Liam explains about the Big Bad wolf and Merrick cannot summon him to the city. Merrick notices that we’re under attack. Merrick tells us to shower, as we smell like a brothel. He tells Gabs and Harold that they need to be relocated because their enemies have found them. He requests we all leave the city while he deals with the problems. He puts his hand on Liam’s forehead, and Liam sees a vision of the red dragon with other dragons cohorting with evil and casting dark magicks over the city of Hilsofar. So we’re leaving the city.

and then…

Felix Journal

Another night passes. Harold’s asleep. I think he had too much to drink. The moon, that beautiful, terrible wretched glowing orb in the night keeps me up still. As tired as I feel, I can’t sleep. I mustn’t sleep, or I’ll dream of her again, as I always do on these nights. I miss Merrick. There was never a full moon outside my window at night at the mansion… but here I’m still subject to its terrible face.

Yon found me, and we gathered everyone and went to find Liam (Big surprise. Can’t he just stick around?). It was a boring walk, really, but on the way, I saw something that looked DELICIOUS run by. I couldn’t help myself. I ran after it, and finding that it was too fast, willed myself to be faster. The world blurred, color draining as I found myself suddenly quickening. It was joyous! I felt free! I couldn’t help myself, I barked and barked and barked, pursuing my tasty quarry with a newfound energy.

Mmmm, mm, it was YUMMY. Perhaps I was just starving though. It was only a mouse, after all.

My meal was almost over when I heard them. I didn’t care much, I was finishing up when I saw Gabby, Yon, Liam, and Harold. They seemed surprised to see me. I couldn’t tell why, I mean, I’m not THAT strange-… ah, yes, this change.

Luckily, they didn’t attack me. I should be thankful, considering that I looked to be a wolf, the same thing we’d been fighting for some time now. It wasn’t hard to identify myself, but they didn’t believe fully. I wouldn’t have believed it myself either. So I followed them, wondering what to do about my new predicament.

A scream shattered my thoughts. Immediately, I’m after the scream, knowing that the others were going too.

Another wolf… great. He’s bigger than me… and scarier. Honestly, I didn’t know what had gotten into me when I lunged wholeheartedly into battle with the beast. I tripped over myself trying to fight, showing just how unused to myself I was. This new body thing is only easy insofar as perhaps walking, not fighting. It mattered not, though, as he finally fell… and became the ambassador we’d seen marry just earlier.

Why do these things happen to us?

On that note, I now sympathize with domestic dogs. Getting dragged around by someone, and locked in a cage, is not fun. At all. Especially when it’s the town guard that’s doing the dragging and locking. I wanted to change back to myself, but couldn’t will it. I stayed up the few hours until dawn summoning my will. Thank the gods that I managed to change back. I like seeing in color.


It took some work and some things that I don’t understand, but he’s back! YAY! I could die of happiness now! But I won’t, that would be bad, and I’d rather not have the Butler need to deal with me after what he did for Liam.

Uh oh. Merrick doesn’t look happy. Enemies of Harold and Gabby? What enemies could they have?

Leave…? My books, the library, my guide?

But then again… what are those, compared to my friends?



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