Innocent or Guilty

Session 7

"Run, Hide and Beware those One-Eyed Snakes"

Meals – Subway Sandwiches & cookies. Pizza.

Started at 12 noon, ended 8:15pm.

GM recap:

Mike did a recap. Merrick questioned about a hidey town… Liam got a Ring of Pro +2 from the Captain of the Guard in recognition of his service for rescuing the kidnapped girls. Party left Hilfar for Harrowdale (South and East through the Forrest, near Myth Drannor). Third day they encountered a knight who got attacked by some sort of shadowy demon. The party was gifted with jewels and money. The party pressed onward and made it to Harrowdale. They looked at the ‘help wanted’ posters and saw and interesting ad for assistance in locating a Cattle Thief. Harold was accosted by an old lady and given a cryptic message “In the time of the ageless ones; undeath shall walk unfettered”. And not too much later, Liam and Felix get met by a stranger who offered ‘Jelly Babies’, he warned them to avoid the ‘one eyed snake’ and then left. Some met Greg Brown, Alliance associate for the local farmers, regarding the missing cattle job. The rest went to the Bazaar, which on the banner had a one-eyed snake. Liam boldly strode up to inspect the banner and promptly got run over by an out of control horse drawn cart. Afterwards, they went to a soothesayer for a reading. Liam and Harold got read. Each had a cryptic meaning – Harold saw a red dragon head for a brief moment; Liam saw a picture or tattoo of a One-Eyed Snake (Different then the one seen on the banner). Meanwhile, Yon had wandered off. A whisper of ‘You bring an evil plague to the land with your presence’ as a paralytic poison overtakes his body. The group realizes Yon is missing and go to search for him, eventually they track him in a warehouse with illusion covering the basement entrance along with an elf. They take them both to a temple to get the poison purged from them. They relocate to an inn, where the elf, relates information pertinent to Harold and Gabrielle. After much discussion the two discover the names of their parents, the name of their parents old arch-rival (A Red Dragon), and the fact they’re both dragons themselves and have lived for approx 170 years. The elf, Landros Felion, then departs.

The group learns that the One-Eyed Serpent Assassin Guild is out to get them and decide to leave town. Leaving town, Felix is hit with a precognition of flames, fire, skeletons. They require a GM inspiring moment to help them decide that fighting or attempting to deal with the assassins is not a good idea and not the correct course of action (Though they may attempt to do so if they wish). They instead decide to find the missing cattle. They meet the farmer, and set up watch over the herd. In the night a disturbance is detected, cattle disappear right before their eyes. A small skeletal creature is discovered, and they slay it. A volley of magic missiles hits Liam, and a Undead Bovine group attacks the party. They manage to slay the undead bovines, but not before Felix becomes an Uber Wolf and attacks Liam. Liam puts him down and then revives him.

We ended there at the close of the battle and the recovery of the party.

Mike Recorder Recap:

When last we left the merry gang, the group slew the morphed Liam-look-alike and resurrected the downed Merrick after a crystal chase. Merrick says we need to leave town because Gabby and Harold have someone after them.

The party reluctantly leave town after Liam gets his gift from doing good – a ring of protection. Off to Harrowdale. (100 miles) Takes us 5 days. In the forest, During the 3rd day at noon, we’re eating and Gabs points out an armored person with a yellow radiance (A ka-nig-it). No evil. After, a large wispy shadowy evil creature attacks the yellow glowy knight. The party run and charge to attack the evil creature. After we all work to kill it, the glowing knight throws a pouch (with jewels and coins) at Yon, and takes their helmet off, revealing femininity. Liam tries talking with her and apparently she’s mute. She does sign language and we give her paper/pen. She mindlinks with Felix and Felix hears angelic voices, and he figures out that her name is “K.” She’s on patrol from Elysium and is trying to contain evil in this world. We ask if she wants help, and she says no. So, the link is broken and we continue over the river to Harrowdale. A port town. There are guards who let us in. A toothless white haired short old woman grabs harold and says (in a raspy and otherworldly voice) “In the time of the ageless ones undeath shall walk unfettered” and shakes her head like an etch-a-sketch and asks for change. We find information that there will be a bazaar later. At the town hall we see information that there is a farm with livestock disappearing. Felix and Liam go find the one who posted it. A man approaches them wearing a scarf, hat, and trenchcoat offering them jellybeans. He says “Watch out for the one eyed snake. and by the way, don’t lose track of the ageless ones.” And he wanders off. At the inn, Liam and Felix find the man who posted the sign about the farms with disappearing livestock. 25g per head of livestock returned. At the bazaar there is a banner with the side view of a snake (one eye.) Liam goes toward it. Felix thinks Liam is being Stupid. A cart heads toward Liam (out of control horse!) Liam asks if the rider is okay, and the man says yes. The banner is the harvest banner. Liam then looks for a fortune teller and he finds a soothsayer. She’s got a flowerchild braid crown and green robes. He describes the Eagle and she pulls out a ball. She rolled it to him and as he catches it he has a vision of a snake, frontal this time, with one eye missing from it’s socket. Liam asks about it and she says the one eyed snake intends you harm. He gives her 2s. Harold asks about danger for him. He sees a flash of a red reptillian head. And Harold pays her. Felix is next, asking about a problem in the future. She says he’s afflicted by the moon, cursed, and marked by evil. Yon is wandering, and feels a little prick as if bitten by a fly, and he goes numb. Someone whispers in his ear “You caused the evil to come” and eases him to the ground, but he has a tattoo of a cobra missing an eye on his neck. And Yon blacks out.

The others use their rings to find Yon and they find him in a back alley with a pungent odor of “eww.” There’s a door and they open it. Liam casts light on three rocks, and tosses them different directions. It seems to be a storage room with barrels. In the center of the room the ring stops pointing. Liam checks the floor, to no avail. Gabby and Harold check from the roof. Felix senses the minds of a few people in the room. They break up to search for him and Gabby feels a handle on the floor that shouldn’t be there. She opens it. Going down reveals a hogtied Yon and a blond male with pointy ears, medium build. Yon doesn’t wake easily because he is poisoned, and Liam casts suppress poison, wakes Yon, and takes a sample. Yon wants to go to the church to have his poison removed and does so. The blond pointy eared one is put back to health as well and thinks Harold and gabby are other people because he keeps calling them by other names. He was shopping and was hit on the back of the head. It was about 200 years ago. Apparently this Elf is 600. Harold/Gabby prove they don’t have the birthmarks of the ones he was calling them. He mentions the people he’s talking about ran into an archrival Grimfang the Red. He looks at the two with spectacles saying “Very odd.” He pulls out a spellbook, asks for blood. He says they’re siblings. They take him into another room and talk amongst themselves while Liam Yon and Felix stay in the same room. They learn that they’re dragon descendants and Landross thanks us, we thank him for his information. We go to the inn, with posters of us being “wanted” and we take them down. The man who wrote it resides at the snake eye Inn. We sleep the night, and when we wake up with a letter which reads: “You are the cause of the plague of evil which will descend upon this area.” and it has the one eyed snake symbol on it. The mostly undecided vote and largely “no” vote to going there causes the players to eventually leave town. Felix gets a premonition, falling over and twitching. He gets back up and keeps walking like absolutely nothing happened until nobody else was in sight and changes back to human. He explains the seizure was a premonition about fire, flames, and skeletons. We decide not to go back to Hilsafar, instead they find out why they want us dead. Gather information checks! Gabrielle verifies there is an assassin’s guild, and they’re after us, but we can’t find any more information so (due to GM Insight) we remember the farm with the cattle that are disappearing. So we go visit one of those farms.

Sporadically the livestock are disappearing. We wait until nightfall and patrol variously. Felix bounds to Yon, turns around, does a ‘dog point’ and goes off, Yon follows. Felix smells rotting carrion, and a cow disappears out of nowhere in the field. Yon detects evil and moves towards the strongest level. There’s a tiny skeletal thing (1&1/2 ft) tall with rotting flesh. It’s right underneath a cow and the cow disappears. After a bolt and some rapier damage by Harold, it falls apart. Liam gets hit by 5 magic missiles. Harold hides behind a cow. Yon charges. An icky black thing surrounds Yon and burns him. 5 red glowy eyed steer charge us. Yon dodges but Felix gets trampled and is bleeding before there’s a guttaral Growl and he gets up in wolf form looking very viscious. He bites one bull. Yon charges and downs one, Liam downs one with a Hado-ken, and Harold attacks the bitten one. The cows attempt to gore Yon and charge Felix and miss. Liam downs Harold’s, Yon slices one of the last two cows, Harold misses, and Yon evades an attack. Felix downs the other bovine. Liam charges it. Yon finishes the last one off and detects no more evil except for slight evil from the direction of the dead cows and Felix who is eating them. There’s a small pendant where the tiny skeleton was. The necklace has the aura of Invisibility and Levlitate. Felix is still in dire form, and when Liam tries to status and a fight ensues, Liam knocking Felix out and the wolf form goes away. Yon heals Felix.

Matt’s “Felix Journal”

Travel is rather boring. And tiresome. I wish we could go faster.

The forest is big, which is probably why we haven’t seen much besides ourselves.

Hey… someone that looks like Yon! And… he’s glowy? Why is he all glowy? Yon doesn’t know what it is, I think. I wonder what he is and where he’s going. Never mind that, it seems that there’s a larger thing. We should help them! That shadowy creature can’t be good.

That shadow stands no chance against us! It finally was beaten, and the glowy person… she doesn’t seem to be able to speak to us. She’s from Elysium, patrolling to contain the evil from Myth Drannor. She tossed a bag to Yon… And after a few questions, we decided to be on our way.

Well, not much else happened, and we’re at Harrowdale again.

Just after we’d gone through the gates, an old lady just grabbed Harold. “In the time of the ageless ones, undeath shall walk unfettered”. Weird. I think that she’s crazy, and that strange, deep voice should never have come from her. She’s kinda scary. I hope that’s the last of the weirdness. I’m going with Liam to the town hall to see what’s going on.

Hm, it looks like some of the livestock here is disappearing. Liam and I are going to see if it’s perhaps the Big Bad that’s at fault here.

Mmmm, jelly beans! They’re really good! I need to go find out where I can get some.

Watch out for the one eyed snake? What does that mean? A warning, yes, but I don’t see what kind of threat a half-blind snake could be. Perhaps something else? I don’t know. Things here are just weird so far.

After talking to the one requesting help with the cattle mystery, it looks like the cattle are just… disappearing. No struggle, no blood, just vanishing. That’s hard to do. Even I would have trouble teleporting a cow. For now, though, we’re going to the Bazaar to go see what we can see, and find Gabby, Yon, and Harold.

Hey! The group! Yay! And so here we are… and there’s a snake painting on the wall, facing so there’s only one eye… Now I’m worried. LIAM, STOP BEING STUPID. Figures. The idiot gets run over by a cart. Perhaps the snake is misfortune. That looked painful. At least Harold agrees that Liam’s a looney. Yon too.

A soothsayer was mentioned. That sounds like a plan; I have my own question to ask them, because I’m worried. Let’s see what we (And the soothsayer) can see. After all, I’d like to know what’s going on with all these weird cryptic things. Looks like some interesting things. A snake wants to hurt Liam. That’s not surprising. And apparently Harold is old. Haha, I can call him an old man now!

I asked the soothsayer about what’s been happening with my changing body. It worries me that I keep getting strange urges to do things that normally would never cross my mind. I just want to know if it’s going to cause problems, so I can prepare. She says I’m cursed by the moon, and marked by evil? That’s worrying… I hope that doesn’t cause too many problems, or ones I can’t handle. I don’t want to be a burden to my friends. But I’m afraid I will be, and that I’ll cause problems… I wonder what that plant was, and why it burned?

Now we need to find Yon, since he’s apparently gone and gotten himself lost. Using the rings, we follow him, and get led into… a back alley in a storage room? Why would Yon be here? We need to find him now. Getting inside was easy enough, but it seems hard to find Yon. This is weird… I’ve sensed that some people are near… but I need to find a way to get under the ground. That’s where I sensed two minds, and I can only hope that Yon’s okay.

And there it is. Thanks to Gabby, we found that the room’s an illusion, partly. There was a trap door in the corner of the room, hidden by an illusion that was quite good, all things considered. But we’re down under the house now, and there’s Yon! And some other person? I’m going to try waking Yon up. Looks like he’s not just unconscious. Poison, it seems. Liam seems able to help a little bit. Well, at least Yon’s up, albeit with some magical help, but we need to get him some help, and get some help for this other guy too. The church seems good, and Yon’s not going to agree with anything else anyhow. It’s a good thing that the Clerics know what they’re doing.

We get to the church, and Yon and the other guy look fine after the Father removes the poison from them.

This other guy thinks that Gabby and Harold are some other person? Hm, odd, it seems that it’s quite coincidental. He says that the people that Gabby and Harold remind him of wanted children named Harold and Gabby. This guy is WEIRD. And he’s able to cast some strange magic.

Gabby and Harold are siblings, and NOT human? I don’t know. They seem human enough, though they did mention something about being 15 for a long time. Perhaps they’re elves? That might explain a lot, though wouldn’t they have the pointed ears?

The weird guy gave me a bone! This is a YUMMY bone. Must… nom… mmmm…

Looks like Gabby and Harold are going somewhere! I think it would be okay to walk around with them, hopefully no one gets scared of me when I’m a wolf. That wouldn’t be good. It seems that people are fine with it, though. They probably think I’m a pet or a companion to Gabby and Harold. It also looks like people are looking for us, and from the description of the inn where they want to be met, I don’t know if I want to know why they want information on us.

Sleep time. Nothing happens at night, but in the morning there’s a letter, saying we’ll be the cause of a plague of evil that will come upon the area. That’s a bit creepy, I’ll admit. I don’t really like being here anymore, to be honest. People seem to be out to get us. Assassins, at that, and I don’t like assassins at all, especially after what happened to Liam. I’m glad that everyone agrees that we should leave the city though. I think it will be safer.

As we leave town, I get a terrifying vision. Fire… death, skeletons. Scary visions… Where are they happening at? Why did I get this vision now?

We decided to return and work out the mystery of the disappearing livestock. We decided to stay with the herd a night to see what we could see, and hopefully find the cause. I noticed the smell first before I got Yon and Liam. We found the source, it seems. Looks like a small, skeleton ferret is somehow causing the cattle to vanish. I hate undead. It must be what’s causing all the disappearances!

Let’s kill this thing!

It’s wasn’t very durable. It barely took us an effort to destroy the little undead, which I guess is a good thing.

Ack! Looks like that wasn’t all. Liam was just hit by some magic missiles! There’s a lot of red eyes out there in the darkness. I think it’s time for another round. I hope Liam’s okay. At least Yon and Harold are here to help.

Undead cows? I don’t think I’ll be able to fight much longer. I hurt all over, bleeding… I can’t stand anymore. I think that my end is near…

Or not. I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m healing, and I feel so much larger and stronger than I ever have been. All I want now… is to destroy those things.

THEY MUST DIE! I feel invigorated! I want blood! Destroy these things!

Victory. Those things were weak, and I’m amazed that I was ever scared of these things. I must destroy them entirely. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel better as I dismember the undead one by one.

Who dares to interrupt my moment of victory? Another enemy! I will see you dead too, torn down by my own power!

It seems luck isn’t on my side, as the enemy defeats me with embarrassing ease. I swear my ghost will return to haunt you. I’m growing smaller, I feel so weak now. Is this death?

Ow… my aching body. Yon and Liam… thank the gods you guys know how to heal. I swear I felt like I was going to die.

Liam’s Journal Entry

God this is such a drag. I like the fact that were out of the city and by trees with good places to look at clouds but we now have no tome to look at them! Wait, what’s that glowing thing that is coming near here? Oh well yon seems to have no big problems with it. But that thing I do have a problem with. It seems way to weird like a shadow creature. I don’t know why it’s here but it’s attacking the glowing guy so we might as well help. Hey guys, use mag- right, me and Felix are the only ones. Nice shot goldent guy, I really don’t wann mess with him, his physical attacks were much more affective than me and yon combined.

Pheuf. Well that was a good sparing match, anyone need healing…. Oh I guess i’m the only one hurt. Well this glowing guy is kinda strange. He doesn’t make any noise as he talks. Well for some reason Felix is acting like he is hearing something loud in his ear. Ugh, well, we might as well keep going.

Hmm this city doesn’t look to bad. Hey! Oh, it’s just an old lady groping Harold. Something about how the dead will walk in the time of the ageless ones, either way, let’s see what there is to do to get info around here. Ah! Perfect, a bazzar at about 2:00. Well in the mean time let’s go check out why these peoples lifestock are going missing Felix, might as well try to establish some kinda link with these guys, especially since me and Felix haven’t really been getting to much along. Ah there is the tavern the guy is…? May I help u? What is a jelly bean? Well, it might be the fact Felix is part dog but he seems to like them, I guess it tastes okay, odd though. What? What do you mean a one-eyed snake is after us? Now Im starting to think something is up, either way, let’s continue.

Hmm no traces of struggle or blood, yet the livestock is missing, it must be some sorta magic. I wonder if the ageless ones and/or the one-eyed snake is apart of this. Very interesting. Well, time to head to the bazzar.

Hey guys, we found something strange about the far…, Is that what I think it is? A picture of the one-eyed snake! Hmm I wonder if there is something on this panti-AHHH! Who the heck drives their cart at 35 miles per hour with all these people here! Grrrrrrrrrr I try to establish more of a connection bettween us yet you riddicule me and call me stupid, if it wasn’t for Merrick I would have left this band of misfits a long time ago. Ugh, not a time to have unneeded feelings, I’ll just get up, shrug it off and see if the guy is okay.

Well at least the guy is okay, what’s that? Some kind of fortune teller is here? Let’s go check it out. Maybe it will tell me more about the one-eyed snake.

Oh well I didn’t get to much just an image. What? Harold saw a dragon? How does that relate to his age? Could it have to do with, naw, that’s just plain stupid. Oh well. Hey gabby, where is yon? Oh he went off alone? Well at least we got these rings. It’s pointing to this grangy looking storage building, I hope yons okay, even after insulting my intelegence. Hmm it stops pointing at this area in the middle. Hmm what to do? Well yon’s out of the picture, I might as well take charge. Hmm nothing around or inside what could it be? Wait gabby! Stay where u are, and try pulling that lever. Ah very tricky, it was all an illusion, I need to be more aware of these sorta things.

Hmm, I see yon and a very efeminant elf, hmmm I wonder how he got here. Well, it’s obvious, they have been poisoned. I can at least stabilize yon for now, I don’t know if this other man, I think, is friend or foe.

God yon stop your squirming, instead of going to go see the flower GIRLS to get you help, were gonna go to the church, geez, we hunt down one hooker and now he has a scar to now think most women are prostetutes.

Well the good news is yon is gonna be okay. You guys go inside, I’ll wait out here.

Dang they are taking long. Oh here they are and the elf is well as well. Hi I’m liam, are you feeling better? Oh, that’s good. Wait? You think Harold and gabby are brother and sister? Well they do act like it. Let’s go to the inn first, especially with a guild on our head.

Well, Felix has this guy in his favorite book, he seems to be om nom noming on a bone. Wait? Now you also think Harold and gabby are 150 years old? I thought I was the oldest! But more importantly they act like their friken 7! Oh well, wait if this guy has info, maybe he knows about “Him”(remained unknown).

Darn! well I know he’s not here, and that is VERY good for us now, let’s get some rest and think of game plan for tommorow.

Well now there are flyers with our descriptions on it, and that’s not good. Let’s try to leave town. God more trees, if only something were to happen, oh my, are you all right Felix? What? Flame, undead, glowing eyes? What does this mean? Either way we should get… Hmm. Guys, let’s stay here for the night. As much as dangerous as it is, there must be something important we need to… CRAP! The livestock case! Let’s check that out.

Well, we got all the animals in a specific area. I wonder what that smell is, oh well. Seems like gabby is sleeping, oh well, if something happens she won’t have to worry about it. I really need sometime to relax, this whole time we have been going non-stop. Tommorow I am gonna take some time to just stare at clouds even with all these assasins.

Strange, that smell keeps coming over here, and now the cattle are being very restless. What the, one of the cows dissapeard! That little skeleton thing must have done it. It stands no chance against my copyrighted moves! Hidoken(apperently to mike)! Well we know what has been causing the missing liveAHHH! Urg, I got blasted by missles?! Guys! Be careful of casters! Well I’m gonna heal myself and hide for now. Oh no! Yon and Felix are being targeted?! Hey! Lay off them, coward! No! Felix just got ran over and isn’t moving, he must have killed Felix! No, not anouther death. I shall defend the rest of us then try to bring Felix to safety, there is always a chance he is alive. Dang these undead cattle drop like sheep. Wait, is that Felix? No, there is something wrong with him, he has never become this tall before, and he is raging against these beasts. No time for it now, we gotta deal with this. Well the Mage is gone and the beasts are slain, but Felix is still raging against the carcuses. I must figure out what is happening to him.

Yes! The touch spell worked! But this isn’t good. It says he is beserk, which I kinda knew, and it says he is possesed. This isn’t good, and he is starting to come at me and bite me. He seems to strong for me but I must try. Sorry Felix, I gotta do this, just call it payback from the psychic blast.

Dang, he went down a little faster than expected. I better heal u fast before he starts bleeding to death. Cur- ... Yon why do u always run up to heal the guy I’m about to. I’m still gonna have to heal him. Oh well, all that matters is that Felix is concious. He really needs to learn to control himself, first, something about a girl makes him mad and then now he is raging because I try and help him. Now I really wish gabby was helping in this battle so we could have tried to avoid this.



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