Innocent or Guilty

Session 7b

New Year's Craziness AKA Title to be provided

This is a Mix Session as it’s a mixture of A and B groups.

Began at 12 noon and went till 2pm, then resumed at 6p and ended at 2am

We picked up with the ‘b’ team finishing up with the cow watching. Harold discovers a black furred dog licking his face. Much time is taken trying to determine his owner. The group decides to then track the undead from whence they came. They follow the tracks to a tunnel deep in the forest. Inside the tunnel Harold gets into trouble as he is attacked by undead. Liam comes to his aid, but has used most of his magics on a dog. When they both discover the main villain, they decide a withdrawal is in order.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in time and space – Iridius Senior came in from gathering firewood, Mrs. Iridius had roast Beast and Spiced Cider ready for the party when they awoke. Arky goes and buries a ‘time capsule’ filled with pottery and odd trinkets hoping they’ll be worth money in the ‘future’. Returning to the TARDIS, they discover the Eagle is not present and Arky decides he can control the ‘time machine’. Messing with the various crystals yields painful bruises and bumps for the party, and almost ends Malcolm’s life as he get’s sucked out into the vacuum of space. After sensing some futility, Arky and Malcolm explore the device, finding a bed room in the first door, they continue onward, Arky is sucked through the next door, and Malcolm shrugging goes in after him.

Malcolm and Arky find themselves in a dark with kids running towards them, and with skeletons in pursuit. A battle ensues in the tunnel when Arkansas Jones and Malcolm, lend their aid.

They all meet out side the tunnel and discuss things, it’s finally decided to return to Harrowdale for rest, when they notice that Liam has disappeared. Meanwhile, up a tree, Liam is haunted by the Necromancers’ voice and then attack by a strange bird that drains his very life away. Liam feels the cold hard panic set in when a mere moment later the bird is impaled by a small knight on a strange mount. The Knight is introduced as “Sir Frodo” who looks like a small elven child.

They travel and meet the group who is returning to Harrowdale. Gabby notices a beggar leave after Arky has declared his intention is to stay at an inn and he has gold to pay for it. They find the beggar finishing up using the alley as his personal latrine, when Arky takes the man prisoner and threatens him in unpleasant ways. Sir Frodo realizes that Arky has not so nice intentions towards the mans procreative equipment and steps in to stop him, and then wonders why he’s making a fuss when they’re obviously surrounded by men on the rooftops. Harold and Malcolm deal with the men on the rooftops with a bribe to leave them alone. Arky and Malcolm go to a tavern to discuss the details of the wanted posters out on their new companions. They don’t discover much about the “kids” and finally return to the designated inn after several hours of fruitless information gathering.

Meanwhile, the other group goes to an inn where the Knight somehow gets a rope trick set up. When Malcolm and Arky get to the inn, they discover Sir Frodo enjoying a meal, when asked where the others are he says safe in their room and then proceeds to lead the to the room. Inside the room Malcolm and Arky suspect a trap when they see the room is empty. Frodo enters in and a rope reveals the rope trick. Malcolm and Arky go up and find themselves back in the TARDIS hallway where this all started. Shrugging they return to the main console, not sure whether to mention this strange day to the others…



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