Innocent or Guilty

Session 8

Undead Apocalypse?

Session Logs:

Started a bit late, 3:45pm.

Present: All Players

  • Sean Lujan
  • Bekah
  • Mike
  • Matt
  • Nick
  • Conor

Meal: Party Trays from Costco

GM Recap Summation of major events

Previous Sessions retold by Mike, introduction for the new player into the game.

We started with Sean’s character, Zhaital, given a brief mission assignment by Merrick. He leaves the Mystical manor situated in Hilsfar, and ends up in Harrowdale. He locates the Inn (“Prancing Pony” is the name agreed up) and waits for the characters to put in an appearance, getting a pint of ale while he waits. Liam is the first to notice ‘Frodo’ is missing from the group and leaves the “Rope Trick” to see where he went. He sees the room in complete disarray like a massacre had taken place, a hole in the wall where the window used to be, and blood all over. Liam heads downstairs and is engaged in conversation by “Z”. “Z” is brought up to meet the rest of the group, and is taken aback by the scene in the room. The rest of the group emerges, and the majority leap out the Hole in the wall and follow the tracks, they discover a pile of bodies (one body outside the window, and eight piles behind the inn). They lose the tracks and decide to collect their reward from Farmer Brown.

They decide they really should deal with the evil guy Liam almost faced out in the forest. They manage to locate the tunnel, and make it to the inner sanctuary. After some dialog, Liam enters in to start combat, and is surprised when a Undead Construct rises from the ground, upper cuts him and then engages. Both the monk/necromancer guy and the undead construct put up a valiant fight, but eventually the heroes wear them down. They collect the loot on the bodies, and discover a treasure chest in an adjacent room. Harold opens the chest and pulls out a nice rich looking chalice, and then everyone gets a vision (except Felix, who remained blissfully unaware). The vision showed dark black clouds and red lightning, and undead emerging from the ground. They decide to pack up and leave the lair. Felix holds on to his ritual book which describes the ritual. Liam uses the Necromancers ring and controls a small army of undead. He orders them to withdrawal, which saves them from continued destruction by Sir Frodo. We end with them deciding to return to Hilsfar and Merrick for much needed advice. —End game

Level 4 obtained by everyone.

Mike’s Recap:

So at the mansion Merrick talks to another youth he took in telling them the other youths need a big strong protector for them. So Merrick tells them that the other youths are down the street staying at the prancing pony. This youth is a Scottish kilt-wearing barbarian type. He heads to the inn, and waits.

The others wake up, and Frodo is not in the portal with us. Liam lowers the rope and enters the room. The room looks like it’s been the scene of a battle… blood, broken furniture, etc. The pungent odor of battle is present. A note seems to have been abused but intact after the struggle. Liam goes downstairs, and is confronted by the Scottish clad Zahatal showing him a wanted poster saying “this is you, yes?” and enrages Liam by saying Merrick gave him the wanted poster. Liam discovers that the boy was from the mansion. Liam acquantinces himself with Zahatal. By that time the others are investigating the room. Zahatal is curious about all the blood and the rope with felix popping his head out until someone mentions his bone and he goes back in. Yon looks to Zahatal and senses no evil. Yon then looks to Felix and can’t determine much.

Zahatal jumps out the window because he sees a body, and Liam jumps and tumbles after him. Yon shakes his head at the people that just jumped out, and Felix follows the other two and so does Harold extremely acrobatically. Gabrielle pokes her head down and says “Hey what’s… ohhh… yuck..” and comes out of the rope trick. Gabs asks Yon what’s going on. Zahatal says “pretty” to Harold’s acrobatics and Gabs says “That’s my brother.” Zahatal follows some tracks, Felix Liam and Harold run after him. Yon runs out of the inn the normal way. In the back of the Inn, Many bodies are dropped back there with much blood and guts – some mauled, some sliced open. Zahatal thinks they’re from a bear, and notices three different sets of tracks. Boots, bear, and human foot prints. Yon makes it back there. Yon asks if they are to chase the tracks. They lead to… an indeterminable location. We ask about a large creature (besides horses) and bloodied people, and find nothing. Liam goes back to get the parchment on the floor. He reads it and it has a one eyed snake on it. it reads “Gather 10 of your best men, converge on this room at this inn, this is where the doom bringers are staying.” We’ve only found 8 bodies, so more than two must be left. Yon realizes there must be some on the other side as well since there are three tracks. Liam notices his ring has many colors on it, and everybody checks theirs and finds theirs are multicolored as well. Yon suggests we follow up on the farm. We hear whistles in the distance and we see town soldiers heading toward the whistles. We hurry our pace toward the farm. There are bovines out in the fields. We go and knock on the door, but we hear people calling the cows. Farmer brown is calling some cows to be milked. Yon approaches the farmer and asks if the presence is gone, and the farmer says it is. (the reward will be given from the person from the inn)

We remember about the tunnel that we tried to excavate to find evil. The twisted gnarled mass of trees which makes up a hole in the descending ground is still there. It’s evil inside, and dark. Liam illuminates the place, and Zahatal gets upset. Yon reinforces the fact that not all magic is evil. Zahal lights a torch. The previous blockade is gone, and Yon lets Liam lead. Zahatal takes the rear. Marching order: Liam, Yon, Felix, Gabby, Harold, Zahatal. Liam goes down the tunnel and pops. The sound of a pop is heard and Liam apparently disappears. Yon stops and tells the others to stop and that liam has disappeared. Yon searches and liam pops back in front of him and Yon says what sort of magic is this? And Zahatal says “Told you.” Yon notices that if he can come back then we can be safe. Zahatal protests, and once through he knows magic did something to him. The walls are different, the floors are different, whatever else was around us is not there anymore. Liam warns that we should be on our guard. The walls are bone white and dirty, and are indentations of where things such as skeletons may have resided. Yon scratches an arrow pointing away from the portal and an X to mark where the portal was. 100 feet ahead of us there is a light. We get closer and we see the inside of a chamber. Liam takes a peek inside. Gabby feels a moist wind, and the rest of us just feel a breeze. Gabby protests. Small blond monk is sitting on the ceiling, with red eyes, and looking at Liam. “You dare interrupt my sanctum, mere mortals? At least your soul belongs to me.” Yon shouts back “Who are you?” “I am Thantor.” “I do not recognize that name.” The floor upercutted Liam, who was ahead in the room when the rest of us were back in the hallway. A bony construct that looks part bovine and remains of other bones strung together to make a large creature are both in the room. Yon sees something which must be evil, and runs forward, as does everybody else. Liam is hit again. Gabby continues to protest. Yon is attacked by the giant skeletal construct which hit Liam and missed. The monk is on the ground and his staff is beginning to glow. Gabby moves and tumbles to attack the construct while moving toward the wizard. Yon steps up afterward and slices, then Liam does some sexy damage. The barbarian slices and dices, and Yon is hit. Then the Barbarian is hit. Then Gabby is hit, and Liam hits the construct. Harold whiffs, BBEG Smacks Liam. Yon smacks it. There’s a lot of bone shards on the ground next to it. Zahatal, Gabby, and Harold wail on the wizard. Yon has been 5-foot stepping toward the wizard as he hits the construct. Felix mind-blasts the mage, and Zahatal kills it. Harold is whacked. Yon shatters the large creature with a final cleave. Zahatal is healed. The mage had a robe, ring, and staff. Liam grabs them before Zahtar torches the body. Felix dog-forms and finds a bone, chewing on it. Harold tries to take the ring from Liam, but doesn’t. Zahatar wants to destroy the ring. Liam wears the ring, and gives Harold one of his other two rings. The adjacent rooms have treasure… Harold opens it and finds a good looking chalice. Yon offers to carry it and sell it for equal portions to the rest of the group. Zahatar wants to destroy it. When Harold puts the chalice to the side, the room visibly darkens and a chilled fell scream make us feel the ooze of pure evil around us. We all see the surrounding countryside in our head. The clouds roll in pitch black, red lightening and hailstone hit the ground and undead are clawing out of the ground all over the area. A malevolent evil has been awakened. Z says “MAGIC BAD!” and the chalice that was all nice and pretty is no longer nice and pretty.

Gabrielle figures out that everybody except Felix saw the event. Yon suggests armor for Zahatar. Yon detects evil from the book. A standoff begins because felix wants the book and Yon wants him to leave it. It is agreed that the book will be brought to Merrick and he will dictate what happens next. Zahatar wants to destroy the ring too (IT’S MAGIC!) Felix heads out, and the rest of us follow. Gabby got a cloak out of the chest. We all head back to the inn to rest. The sky is Dark, it’s cold. Liam receives a mental message “we await your command, commander. We are under attack.” and Liam messages back “Retreat.” Six zombie like creatures are shuffling out of the forest for us. They stop and stare and bow. Yon ‘told-you-so’s Felix. Liam tells them to retreat, but they come back. Yon readies his weapon. The ring Liam is wearing shines and the undead shrink from it. Gabrielle notices and asks him if he wants to tell us anything. He admits he has a link with the zombies. Yon forces Liam and Felix to walk in front until they reach merrick.

end session



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