Innocent or Guilty

Session 9

Here be Dragons?

  • Mike
  • Bekah
  • Nick
  • Conor
  • Calvin (Playing as Felix)
  • Sean

Meal – Hamburgers, BBQ Chicken and Hot Dogs.

Mike’s Recap

Liam hears a female voice – faint and hard to hear. “Master I have prepared the troops. Do you wish us to proceed?” He responds “no, not yet.” to which the voice responds “are you okay” and Liam says “all things will come in due time” “I know you had to die for this to work but your voice sounds different?” “It’s just a light modification.” “has the dreadnought has been summoned, master?”, “No.” Liam has this conversation and the rest of the party are clueless.

As we walk, arms shoot out of the ground hands first and appear before us. We are surrounded by about 80 undead. They are turning towards us. Yon and Zahatal draw weapons. Liam felt something come out of him to cause the event. Harold goes for the nearest tree. His necklace jabs him in the chest. He’s surprised he even has a necklace. Looks like half a gold sunburst. Harold looks to Gabrielle, who notices she also has a necklace, which the opposite half of the sunburst. (wonder twin powers activate!) Yon commands Liam to command the undead to go away. Liam fails, and long spikes come out of their arms. Zahatal looks to Yon and says “You take the twenty on the left, I’ll take the twenty on the right.”

Four darer skeletons walk to the front. Yon says “What is your business!” “We seek the bearer of the ring.” and icicles form on their flesh. Liam says “Why?” Harold and Gabs finegle the necklace halves together and a burst of light happens amongst them. No reaction from the skeletons. The skeletons respond to Liam: “Because we need it’s power.” Yon responds “For what purpose!” Zahatal scoffs “Kill all the flesh-bags” “the flesh bags do not want to be killed.” They look menacingly at us. The zombies come closer and merge into eachother and get bigger. Yon says “Leave now and there will be no conflict.” The air temperature drops drastically. We all feel the cold icy glacier of evil wash over us, Yon Zahatal and Liam stand firm, while the others are affected detrimentally. Zahatal hits the creature, and some of the black coalescing falls off, but starts to not feel so good. Liam shows them that he has the ring, telling Zahatal to stop. Yon blesses his weapon, Harold retreats to the group. Zahatal backs up. The zombies all move in closer. Felix whimpers in the center of the circle. Gabs holds her action. Liam says he is the one they want, not the rest of us. (full defense mode) The icy chill increases tenfold, our breath comes out in mist vapors, and almost instantly turns to ice. The group fail to withstand the force this time, and all of a sudden, there is a large pop and blast of wind from above us. We look up and we see a shadow above us and lights appear to blast the ground from all directions. One beam of light focuses on us. Dirt is displaced when the smaller lights hit the ground. Armored archaic like suits are around us and are emitting light. The creatures in armor say “Master get on board.” to Gabby. Harold pulls Gabby up a ramp into a floating cave presented before us. Yon goes up the ramp as well, as does Zahatal, Felix, and eventually Liam. The ramp raises and the cave closes. It looks like an armored beast. there’s actually ribcages on the wall. Yon looks around asking one of the armored people “What manner of cave is this?” “This is not a cave.” “Then what is this?” “this is a flying vessel.” Yon investigates more. The suits walk down a hallway, and everybody follows into a large room with seats and weird tables and jewels set into them. Felix looks through the lit jewels. Some of the party sit. Harold absentmindedly tries to wiggle a jewel loose. Felix messes with some controls. He is overwhelmed with voices and is occupied. Harold looks kind of out of it to Liam, drooling. You might think he’s dreaming of pot pies, but Liam shakes Harold, and gets nothing. Yon investigates without touching things and detects evil. Everybody except Liam and Yon begin to preoccupy themselves in their head and drool. Zahatal discerns between several conversations in his head and focuses on one directed at him. He speaks and says “Who are you? I can hear you just fine” to the thin air. Liam has touched the console thinking there’s something to it, he hears a “Hello, how are you?” and thinks “fine how are you?” “I’m fine, it’s been a long long time since I’ve been awakened.” “Who are you?” “I’m a dragon, of course.” “My children. You have come back to me. It has been so long.” Yon is the last one unoccupied. He goes to an armor clad person and speaks to them. He figures out the group except him are talking on the alpha waves. They scan Yon and tell him they are talking telepathically. Felix instinctively ends up communicating with the dragon. The dragon says that he is a friend to it’s children. It seems happy it has found it’s children. It does have little power anymore and wants a focus stone. A very large ruby. Felix figures out the voice inflections and tone change the longer that he talks to the dragon.

Harold while communicating with the dragon feels the loving warm caresses on him of a soothing parent. The dragons apparently made a sacrifice. He figures out how he got the necklaces a long long time ago, and about how the parent needs a ruby. Gabrielle also communicates with her parent dragon. She learns the same things that Harold and Felix did, as well as informing them that he unwillingly caused the apocalypse. Yon asks more questions of the suit of armor. Liam hears the call from a skeleton saying “I have heard the call and I am coming.” Felix tries to figure out what Liam is doing psychicly and it fails. He then mind-links with Yon and tells him what he figured out and finally requests the coordinates of the ruby. Or merrick.

The group looks less icy and more pink. The ship asks us where we would like to go for it’s last bout of energy before it runs out. Gabby falls asleep after saying she’s hungry and tired and we’re not leaving unti….ZZZZzzzzzz…. Harold asks where the galley is, and wanders to it. Felix acts like he’s gnawing on his bone and secretly finds a corner to investigate the book. He falls asleep reading it. Liam asks what the voices know about necromancy magic. they are inconclusive about what exactly will happen so he goes to find food also. Zahatal wants to get the Ruby. Yon wants to get the Ruby or see Merrick, whichever the party decides on first. Back from the galley, they see Felix sleeping with the book. Harold puts the book away for Felix, and brings food to Gabby. She eats. The group decide to go to Merrick, and land near Hilsofar.

Felix wakes up and doesn’t see the book, searching for it. He finds it, and sighs. Then he gets up and goes with the group. The group finds a war zone with charred and dead bodies around. It appears that there is a large vessel (bowl?) made of bones, being constructed nearby. As soon as we head toward the city, a contingent of undead come toward us. We run until we have no choice but to fight. Felix teleports us to a dark alley. :) We walk by the graveyard. We see a massed hoard of undead inside of an opaque shell, and malcolm finds a group on a mausoleum. Yon and Zahatal go on around the cemetary. We see a shambling creature ahead. it notices us and rushes us. Harold hides down a side alley. Out of the ground a misty apparation appears, it cuts the thing in half. We all make our way to the mansion entrance and find it, making our way inside. We look for Merrick, and end up in the foryer. When we leave the foryer we go back to the foryer. Felix tries to sense minds, and finds one, but can’t seem to intelligably understand it. He tells the group. Harold tries to go to the study, and goes there, but it’s empty, and heads back to the foryer. Felix finds a place to hide and reads the book, and figures out, eventually, how to do the ritual to stop the event. He makes notes but he’s thinking he’s not sure he has the ritual in the right order. Yon knows that the blood of the innocents will be the first task. Everybody gets felix’ voice in their head and saying he knows how to stop the apocalypse. He’s going to teleport us to the cave where the wizard made the construct. Zahatal looks like Rambo when he comes back, with all sorts of weapons and things strung up on his body. We do not find the bones of the construct or the body of the necromancer. Felix remembers something about the end of the ritual requiring someone killing you to become a lich. Zahatal finds tracks leading out and follows them. In the wilderness, he broadens his circle, and can’t find the tracks easily, but he does find some, which lead towards Harrowdale. The tracks stop suddenly. Liam detects illusion magic, and finds a tunnel going down, then he walks down. Yon follows. Crossbow bolt flies out of the tunnel. Felix follows with a torch. A small goblin like creature reloading a crossbow, Yon hits the weapon out of his hand. “I serve thanator! Don’t hurt me!” Right behind the goblin are the bones that have formed. Felix identifies the bones, and we put the bones in a backpack. Felix tries to find the correct order of the ritual now that Yon isn’t as against the ritual being performed. Yon reads over his shoulder as does Liam. The final vagueness of the ritual is revealed, so the heroes perform the ritual in the cave that the original evil was unleashed in. Liam taunts the skeletons using the ring before it’s used in the ritual.

Everything disappears into a molten slag. Typically, the cave collapses. “RUN AWAY!”

Outside, it’s dark, but nighttime with stars and no red lightening. No bodies in sight. Liam feels permanently weaker somehow. —end session



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