Liam Archon

16 y/o (ignore the sword on pics back)


Liam had no innate talent as a kid and with his parents being thieves, they did not want a kid with no talent, it would just be another mouth to feed. So they took them out in the woods one day and told him to play and in an hour his father would return to get him. His father never showed up. At the age of 8 Liam was thrown out into the world not knowing of the dangers and consequences and being his young age, he couldn’t find his way back home.

A couple of years pass and around Liam’s 11 birthday, he saw his parents for the first time in years, the only bad thing was that they had adopted(he presumes) another young boy about the age of 7 or 8. That day Liam followed his parents to the house he grew up in. for a week he stalked his old family, saw how the kid was much stronger, more intelligent all while being a lot younger. This enraged Liam, gave him ideas of how no one can be trusted.

Soon after Liam got caught of doing a crime worthy of the death sentence. The day after going to jail Merrick released him and said if he wanted to serve a greater purpose in life to come live with him. Not knowing the dangers this could lead to he accepted his offer. Merrick gave him training thus improving his skills, but he still wasent happy. Liam doesn’t tend rely on anyone other than himself and barely Merrick, he is also not to concerned on making any friends. every day he is not working or training, he is almost always cloud watching or doing secret training he “thinks” Merrick dosent know about.

Liam Archon

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