Felix Evander

A self-taught Psychic that spends much time studying the nature of his gift, learning new ways to use it. He has also begun to work with the mysteries of shapeshifting.


Felix is a little small, standing at about 5’3”, and weighing somewhere around 110 lb. He has long brown hair which he keeps tied back. His eyes are brown as well. He does not wear clothing that is typical of a spell caster, instead preferring to wear simple clothing, such as a tunic and pants, with traveling boots. He is quiet, often keeping to himself unless spoken to first.

He has learned to shapeshift, and when he’s not a human, it’s probable that he’s a normal-looking gray wolf with no distinguishing features aside from being rather tame.


Felix grew up relatively normally. He found that he had a special gift early on in his life, and slowly developed his psychic powers.

At the age of 8, an incident occurred that resulted in two deaths. Blamed for one of them, Felix was imprisoned, considered a danger to himself and others. Merrick freed him of the imprisonment, and Felix was given up to Merrick for training.

It has been six long years of study and training, and Felix has become a rather skilled psychic. He still loves to study and read, and spends much of his time doing these things.

Felix Evander

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