Yon Yonsin


Yon Yonsin is a youth who has a high pride and a lust for perfection. At 15, he stands 6 feet tall and with his muscular build he definitely fits as a defender of the weak. His winning smile and polished armor help make him seem in a different class, but unfortunately his reputation has been tarnished. He at one point was forced to retrieve what has been taken from it’s rightful place, he has since been striving to clear his name and promote all good in the kingdom.


When he was 10, Yon was much smaller than he is now, but genetics blessed him a bit later. At that age, however, there was another boy who harassed him endlessly named Chad, and Yon has never forgotten that one day he will ensure Chad is a model citizen.

Yon’s sister, Julie, left him at a very young age to be a chambermaid for the king. Her beauty in youth was a curse, and tore her away from Yon and the orphanage they grew up in. Julie was slightly impaired for learning, but something within her made Yon believe she had an innate talent she wasn’t realizing yet.

Shortly after, a man named Merrick took Yon in and showed him not only a magical dwelling which fulfills any child’s roaming dreams, but also a duty that Yon gladly accepted as the defender of the weak and one who brings justice when necessary. Yon trained hard and well for the task, and is one of the youngest the kingdom has seen that wears such armor and wields such a fine blade.

Yon Yonsin

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