Innocent or Guilty

Session 7
"Run, Hide and Beware those One-Eyed Snakes"

Meals – Subway Sandwiches & cookies. Pizza.

Started at 12 noon, ended 8:15pm.

GM recap:

Mike did a recap. Merrick questioned about a hidey town… Liam got a Ring of Pro +2 from the Captain of the Guard in recognition of his service for rescuing the kidnapped girls. Party left Hilfar for Harrowdale (South and East through the Forrest, near Myth Drannor). Third day they encountered a knight who got attacked by some sort of shadowy demon. The party was gifted with jewels and money. The party pressed onward and made it to Harrowdale. They looked at the ‘help wanted’ posters and saw and interesting ad for assistance in locating a Cattle Thief. Harold was accosted by an old lady and given a cryptic message “In the time of the ageless ones; undeath shall walk unfettered”. And not too much later, Liam and Felix get met by a stranger who offered ‘Jelly Babies’, he warned them to avoid the ‘one eyed snake’ and then left. Some met Greg Brown, Alliance associate for the local farmers, regarding the missing cattle job. The rest went to the Bazaar, which on the banner had a one-eyed snake. Liam boldly strode up to inspect the banner and promptly got run over by an out of control horse drawn cart. Afterwards, they went to a soothesayer for a reading. Liam and Harold got read. Each had a cryptic meaning – Harold saw a red dragon head for a brief moment; Liam saw a picture or tattoo of a One-Eyed Snake (Different then the one seen on the banner). Meanwhile, Yon had wandered off. A whisper of ‘You bring an evil plague to the land with your presence’ as a paralytic poison overtakes his body. The group realizes Yon is missing and go to search for him, eventually they track him in a warehouse with illusion covering the basement entrance along with an elf. They take them both to a temple to get the poison purged from them. They relocate to an inn, where the elf, relates information pertinent to Harold and Gabrielle. After much discussion the two discover the names of their parents, the name of their parents old arch-rival (A Red Dragon), and the fact they’re both dragons themselves and have lived for approx 170 years. The elf, Landros Felion, then departs.

The group learns that the One-Eyed Serpent Assassin Guild is out to get them and decide to leave town. Leaving town, Felix is hit with a precognition of flames, fire, skeletons. They require a GM inspiring moment to help them decide that fighting or attempting to deal with the assassins is not a good idea and not the correct course of action (Though they may attempt to do so if they wish). They instead decide to find the missing cattle. They meet the farmer, and set up watch over the herd. In the night a disturbance is detected, cattle disappear right before their eyes. A small skeletal creature is discovered, and they slay it. A volley of magic missiles hits Liam, and a Undead Bovine group attacks the party. They manage to slay the undead bovines, but not before Felix becomes an Uber Wolf and attacks Liam. Liam puts him down and then revives him.

We ended there at the close of the battle and the recovery of the party.

Mike Recorder Recap:

When last we left the merry gang, the group slew the morphed Liam-look-alike and resurrected the downed Merrick after a crystal chase. Merrick says we need to leave town because Gabby and Harold have someone after them.

The party reluctantly leave town after Liam gets his gift from doing good – a ring of protection. Off to Harrowdale. (100 miles) Takes us 5 days. In the forest, During the 3rd day at noon, we’re eating and Gabs points out an armored person with a yellow radiance (A ka-nig-it). No evil. After, a large wispy shadowy evil creature attacks the yellow glowy knight. The party run and charge to attack the evil creature. After we all work to kill it, the glowing knight throws a pouch (with jewels and coins) at Yon, and takes their helmet off, revealing femininity. Liam tries talking with her and apparently she’s mute. She does sign language and we give her paper/pen. She mindlinks with Felix and Felix hears angelic voices, and he figures out that her name is “K.” She’s on patrol from Elysium and is trying to contain evil in this world. We ask if she wants help, and she says no. So, the link is broken and we continue over the river to Harrowdale. A port town. There are guards who let us in. A toothless white haired short old woman grabs harold and says (in a raspy and otherworldly voice) “In the time of the ageless ones undeath shall walk unfettered” and shakes her head like an etch-a-sketch and asks for change. We find information that there will be a bazaar later. At the town hall we see information that there is a farm with livestock disappearing. Felix and Liam go find the one who posted it. A man approaches them wearing a scarf, hat, and trenchcoat offering them jellybeans. He says “Watch out for the one eyed snake. and by the way, don’t lose track of the ageless ones.” And he wanders off. At the inn, Liam and Felix find the man who posted the sign about the farms with disappearing livestock. 25g per head of livestock returned. At the bazaar there is a banner with the side view of a snake (one eye.) Liam goes toward it. Felix thinks Liam is being Stupid. A cart heads toward Liam (out of control horse!) Liam asks if the rider is okay, and the man says yes. The banner is the harvest banner. Liam then looks for a fortune teller and he finds a soothsayer. She’s got a flowerchild braid crown and green robes. He describes the Eagle and she pulls out a ball. She rolled it to him and as he catches it he has a vision of a snake, frontal this time, with one eye missing from it’s socket. Liam asks about it and she says the one eyed snake intends you harm. He gives her 2s. Harold asks about danger for him. He sees a flash of a red reptillian head. And Harold pays her. Felix is next, asking about a problem in the future. She says he’s afflicted by the moon, cursed, and marked by evil. Yon is wandering, and feels a little prick as if bitten by a fly, and he goes numb. Someone whispers in his ear “You caused the evil to come” and eases him to the ground, but he has a tattoo of a cobra missing an eye on his neck. And Yon blacks out.

The others use their rings to find Yon and they find him in a back alley with a pungent odor of “eww.” There’s a door and they open it. Liam casts light on three rocks, and tosses them different directions. It seems to be a storage room with barrels. In the center of the room the ring stops pointing. Liam checks the floor, to no avail. Gabby and Harold check from the roof. Felix senses the minds of a few people in the room. They break up to search for him and Gabby feels a handle on the floor that shouldn’t be there. She opens it. Going down reveals a hogtied Yon and a blond male with pointy ears, medium build. Yon doesn’t wake easily because he is poisoned, and Liam casts suppress poison, wakes Yon, and takes a sample. Yon wants to go to the church to have his poison removed and does so. The blond pointy eared one is put back to health as well and thinks Harold and gabby are other people because he keeps calling them by other names. He was shopping and was hit on the back of the head. It was about 200 years ago. Apparently this Elf is 600. Harold/Gabby prove they don’t have the birthmarks of the ones he was calling them. He mentions the people he’s talking about ran into an archrival Grimfang the Red. He looks at the two with spectacles saying “Very odd.” He pulls out a spellbook, asks for blood. He says they’re siblings. They take him into another room and talk amongst themselves while Liam Yon and Felix stay in the same room. They learn that they’re dragon descendants and Landross thanks us, we thank him for his information. We go to the inn, with posters of us being “wanted” and we take them down. The man who wrote it resides at the snake eye Inn. We sleep the night, and when we wake up with a letter which reads: “You are the cause of the plague of evil which will descend upon this area.” and it has the one eyed snake symbol on it. The mostly undecided vote and largely “no” vote to going there causes the players to eventually leave town. Felix gets a premonition, falling over and twitching. He gets back up and keeps walking like absolutely nothing happened until nobody else was in sight and changes back to human. He explains the seizure was a premonition about fire, flames, and skeletons. We decide not to go back to Hilsafar, instead they find out why they want us dead. Gather information checks! Gabrielle verifies there is an assassin’s guild, and they’re after us, but we can’t find any more information so (due to GM Insight) we remember the farm with the cattle that are disappearing. So we go visit one of those farms.

Sporadically the livestock are disappearing. We wait until nightfall and patrol variously. Felix bounds to Yon, turns around, does a ‘dog point’ and goes off, Yon follows. Felix smells rotting carrion, and a cow disappears out of nowhere in the field. Yon detects evil and moves towards the strongest level. There’s a tiny skeletal thing (1&1/2 ft) tall with rotting flesh. It’s right underneath a cow and the cow disappears. After a bolt and some rapier damage by Harold, it falls apart. Liam gets hit by 5 magic missiles. Harold hides behind a cow. Yon charges. An icky black thing surrounds Yon and burns him. 5 red glowy eyed steer charge us. Yon dodges but Felix gets trampled and is bleeding before there’s a guttaral Growl and he gets up in wolf form looking very viscious. He bites one bull. Yon charges and downs one, Liam downs one with a Hado-ken, and Harold attacks the bitten one. The cows attempt to gore Yon and charge Felix and miss. Liam downs Harold’s, Yon slices one of the last two cows, Harold misses, and Yon evades an attack. Felix downs the other bovine. Liam charges it. Yon finishes the last one off and detects no more evil except for slight evil from the direction of the dead cows and Felix who is eating them. There’s a small pendant where the tiny skeleton was. The necklace has the aura of Invisibility and Levlitate. Felix is still in dire form, and when Liam tries to status and a fight ensues, Liam knocking Felix out and the wolf form goes away. Yon heals Felix.

Matt’s “Felix Journal”

Travel is rather boring. And tiresome. I wish we could go faster.

The forest is big, which is probably why we haven’t seen much besides ourselves.

Hey… someone that looks like Yon! And… he’s glowy? Why is he all glowy? Yon doesn’t know what it is, I think. I wonder what he is and where he’s going. Never mind that, it seems that there’s a larger thing. We should help them! That shadowy creature can’t be good.

That shadow stands no chance against us! It finally was beaten, and the glowy person… she doesn’t seem to be able to speak to us. She’s from Elysium, patrolling to contain the evil from Myth Drannor. She tossed a bag to Yon… And after a few questions, we decided to be on our way.

Well, not much else happened, and we’re at Harrowdale again.

Just after we’d gone through the gates, an old lady just grabbed Harold. “In the time of the ageless ones, undeath shall walk unfettered”. Weird. I think that she’s crazy, and that strange, deep voice should never have come from her. She’s kinda scary. I hope that’s the last of the weirdness. I’m going with Liam to the town hall to see what’s going on.

Hm, it looks like some of the livestock here is disappearing. Liam and I are going to see if it’s perhaps the Big Bad that’s at fault here.

Mmmm, jelly beans! They’re really good! I need to go find out where I can get some.

Watch out for the one eyed snake? What does that mean? A warning, yes, but I don’t see what kind of threat a half-blind snake could be. Perhaps something else? I don’t know. Things here are just weird so far.

After talking to the one requesting help with the cattle mystery, it looks like the cattle are just… disappearing. No struggle, no blood, just vanishing. That’s hard to do. Even I would have trouble teleporting a cow. For now, though, we’re going to the Bazaar to go see what we can see, and find Gabby, Yon, and Harold.

Hey! The group! Yay! And so here we are… and there’s a snake painting on the wall, facing so there’s only one eye… Now I’m worried. LIAM, STOP BEING STUPID. Figures. The idiot gets run over by a cart. Perhaps the snake is misfortune. That looked painful. At least Harold agrees that Liam’s a looney. Yon too.

A soothsayer was mentioned. That sounds like a plan; I have my own question to ask them, because I’m worried. Let’s see what we (And the soothsayer) can see. After all, I’d like to know what’s going on with all these weird cryptic things. Looks like some interesting things. A snake wants to hurt Liam. That’s not surprising. And apparently Harold is old. Haha, I can call him an old man now!

I asked the soothsayer about what’s been happening with my changing body. It worries me that I keep getting strange urges to do things that normally would never cross my mind. I just want to know if it’s going to cause problems, so I can prepare. She says I’m cursed by the moon, and marked by evil? That’s worrying… I hope that doesn’t cause too many problems, or ones I can’t handle. I don’t want to be a burden to my friends. But I’m afraid I will be, and that I’ll cause problems… I wonder what that plant was, and why it burned?

Now we need to find Yon, since he’s apparently gone and gotten himself lost. Using the rings, we follow him, and get led into… a back alley in a storage room? Why would Yon be here? We need to find him now. Getting inside was easy enough, but it seems hard to find Yon. This is weird… I’ve sensed that some people are near… but I need to find a way to get under the ground. That’s where I sensed two minds, and I can only hope that Yon’s okay.

And there it is. Thanks to Gabby, we found that the room’s an illusion, partly. There was a trap door in the corner of the room, hidden by an illusion that was quite good, all things considered. But we’re down under the house now, and there’s Yon! And some other person? I’m going to try waking Yon up. Looks like he’s not just unconscious. Poison, it seems. Liam seems able to help a little bit. Well, at least Yon’s up, albeit with some magical help, but we need to get him some help, and get some help for this other guy too. The church seems good, and Yon’s not going to agree with anything else anyhow. It’s a good thing that the Clerics know what they’re doing.

We get to the church, and Yon and the other guy look fine after the Father removes the poison from them.

This other guy thinks that Gabby and Harold are some other person? Hm, odd, it seems that it’s quite coincidental. He says that the people that Gabby and Harold remind him of wanted children named Harold and Gabby. This guy is WEIRD. And he’s able to cast some strange magic.

Gabby and Harold are siblings, and NOT human? I don’t know. They seem human enough, though they did mention something about being 15 for a long time. Perhaps they’re elves? That might explain a lot, though wouldn’t they have the pointed ears?

The weird guy gave me a bone! This is a YUMMY bone. Must… nom… mmmm…

Looks like Gabby and Harold are going somewhere! I think it would be okay to walk around with them, hopefully no one gets scared of me when I’m a wolf. That wouldn’t be good. It seems that people are fine with it, though. They probably think I’m a pet or a companion to Gabby and Harold. It also looks like people are looking for us, and from the description of the inn where they want to be met, I don’t know if I want to know why they want information on us.

Sleep time. Nothing happens at night, but in the morning there’s a letter, saying we’ll be the cause of a plague of evil that will come upon the area. That’s a bit creepy, I’ll admit. I don’t really like being here anymore, to be honest. People seem to be out to get us. Assassins, at that, and I don’t like assassins at all, especially after what happened to Liam. I’m glad that everyone agrees that we should leave the city though. I think it will be safer.

As we leave town, I get a terrifying vision. Fire… death, skeletons. Scary visions… Where are they happening at? Why did I get this vision now?

We decided to return and work out the mystery of the disappearing livestock. We decided to stay with the herd a night to see what we could see, and hopefully find the cause. I noticed the smell first before I got Yon and Liam. We found the source, it seems. Looks like a small, skeleton ferret is somehow causing the cattle to vanish. I hate undead. It must be what’s causing all the disappearances!

Let’s kill this thing!

It’s wasn’t very durable. It barely took us an effort to destroy the little undead, which I guess is a good thing.

Ack! Looks like that wasn’t all. Liam was just hit by some magic missiles! There’s a lot of red eyes out there in the darkness. I think it’s time for another round. I hope Liam’s okay. At least Yon and Harold are here to help.

Undead cows? I don’t think I’ll be able to fight much longer. I hurt all over, bleeding… I can’t stand anymore. I think that my end is near…

Or not. I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m healing, and I feel so much larger and stronger than I ever have been. All I want now… is to destroy those things.

THEY MUST DIE! I feel invigorated! I want blood! Destroy these things!

Victory. Those things were weak, and I’m amazed that I was ever scared of these things. I must destroy them entirely. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel better as I dismember the undead one by one.

Who dares to interrupt my moment of victory? Another enemy! I will see you dead too, torn down by my own power!

It seems luck isn’t on my side, as the enemy defeats me with embarrassing ease. I swear my ghost will return to haunt you. I’m growing smaller, I feel so weak now. Is this death?

Ow… my aching body. Yon and Liam… thank the gods you guys know how to heal. I swear I felt like I was going to die.

Liam’s Journal Entry

God this is such a drag. I like the fact that were out of the city and by trees with good places to look at clouds but we now have no tome to look at them! Wait, what’s that glowing thing that is coming near here? Oh well yon seems to have no big problems with it. But that thing I do have a problem with. It seems way to weird like a shadow creature. I don’t know why it’s here but it’s attacking the glowing guy so we might as well help. Hey guys, use mag- right, me and Felix are the only ones. Nice shot goldent guy, I really don’t wann mess with him, his physical attacks were much more affective than me and yon combined.

Pheuf. Well that was a good sparing match, anyone need healing…. Oh I guess i’m the only one hurt. Well this glowing guy is kinda strange. He doesn’t make any noise as he talks. Well for some reason Felix is acting like he is hearing something loud in his ear. Ugh, well, we might as well keep going.

Hmm this city doesn’t look to bad. Hey! Oh, it’s just an old lady groping Harold. Something about how the dead will walk in the time of the ageless ones, either way, let’s see what there is to do to get info around here. Ah! Perfect, a bazzar at about 2:00. Well in the mean time let’s go check out why these peoples lifestock are going missing Felix, might as well try to establish some kinda link with these guys, especially since me and Felix haven’t really been getting to much along. Ah there is the tavern the guy is…? May I help u? What is a jelly bean? Well, it might be the fact Felix is part dog but he seems to like them, I guess it tastes okay, odd though. What? What do you mean a one-eyed snake is after us? Now Im starting to think something is up, either way, let’s continue.

Hmm no traces of struggle or blood, yet the livestock is missing, it must be some sorta magic. I wonder if the ageless ones and/or the one-eyed snake is apart of this. Very interesting. Well, time to head to the bazzar.

Hey guys, we found something strange about the far…, Is that what I think it is? A picture of the one-eyed snake! Hmm I wonder if there is something on this panti-AHHH! Who the heck drives their cart at 35 miles per hour with all these people here! Grrrrrrrrrr I try to establish more of a connection bettween us yet you riddicule me and call me stupid, if it wasn’t for Merrick I would have left this band of misfits a long time ago. Ugh, not a time to have unneeded feelings, I’ll just get up, shrug it off and see if the guy is okay.

Well at least the guy is okay, what’s that? Some kind of fortune teller is here? Let’s go check it out. Maybe it will tell me more about the one-eyed snake.

Oh well I didn’t get to much just an image. What? Harold saw a dragon? How does that relate to his age? Could it have to do with, naw, that’s just plain stupid. Oh well. Hey gabby, where is yon? Oh he went off alone? Well at least we got these rings. It’s pointing to this grangy looking storage building, I hope yons okay, even after insulting my intelegence. Hmm it stops pointing at this area in the middle. Hmm what to do? Well yon’s out of the picture, I might as well take charge. Hmm nothing around or inside what could it be? Wait gabby! Stay where u are, and try pulling that lever. Ah very tricky, it was all an illusion, I need to be more aware of these sorta things.

Hmm, I see yon and a very efeminant elf, hmmm I wonder how he got here. Well, it’s obvious, they have been poisoned. I can at least stabilize yon for now, I don’t know if this other man, I think, is friend or foe.

God yon stop your squirming, instead of going to go see the flower GIRLS to get you help, were gonna go to the church, geez, we hunt down one hooker and now he has a scar to now think most women are prostetutes.

Well the good news is yon is gonna be okay. You guys go inside, I’ll wait out here.

Dang they are taking long. Oh here they are and the elf is well as well. Hi I’m liam, are you feeling better? Oh, that’s good. Wait? You think Harold and gabby are brother and sister? Well they do act like it. Let’s go to the inn first, especially with a guild on our head.

Well, Felix has this guy in his favorite book, he seems to be om nom noming on a bone. Wait? Now you also think Harold and gabby are 150 years old? I thought I was the oldest! But more importantly they act like their friken 7! Oh well, wait if this guy has info, maybe he knows about “Him”(remained unknown).

Darn! well I know he’s not here, and that is VERY good for us now, let’s get some rest and think of game plan for tommorow.

Well now there are flyers with our descriptions on it, and that’s not good. Let’s try to leave town. God more trees, if only something were to happen, oh my, are you all right Felix? What? Flame, undead, glowing eyes? What does this mean? Either way we should get… Hmm. Guys, let’s stay here for the night. As much as dangerous as it is, there must be something important we need to… CRAP! The livestock case! Let’s check that out.

Well, we got all the animals in a specific area. I wonder what that smell is, oh well. Seems like gabby is sleeping, oh well, if something happens she won’t have to worry about it. I really need sometime to relax, this whole time we have been going non-stop. Tommorow I am gonna take some time to just stare at clouds even with all these assasins.

Strange, that smell keeps coming over here, and now the cattle are being very restless. What the, one of the cows dissapeard! That little skeleton thing must have done it. It stands no chance against my copyrighted moves! Hidoken(apperently to mike)! Well we know what has been causing the missing liveAHHH! Urg, I got blasted by missles?! Guys! Be careful of casters! Well I’m gonna heal myself and hide for now. Oh no! Yon and Felix are being targeted?! Hey! Lay off them, coward! No! Felix just got ran over and isn’t moving, he must have killed Felix! No, not anouther death. I shall defend the rest of us then try to bring Felix to safety, there is always a chance he is alive. Dang these undead cattle drop like sheep. Wait, is that Felix? No, there is something wrong with him, he has never become this tall before, and he is raging against these beasts. No time for it now, we gotta deal with this. Well the Mage is gone and the beasts are slain, but Felix is still raging against the carcuses. I must figure out what is happening to him.

Yes! The touch spell worked! But this isn’t good. It says he is beserk, which I kinda knew, and it says he is possesed. This isn’t good, and he is starting to come at me and bite me. He seems to strong for me but I must try. Sorry Felix, I gotta do this, just call it payback from the psychic blast.

Dang, he went down a little faster than expected. I better heal u fast before he starts bleeding to death. Cur- ... Yon why do u always run up to heal the guy I’m about to. I’m still gonna have to heal him. Oh well, all that matters is that Felix is concious. He really needs to learn to control himself, first, something about a girl makes him mad and then now he is raging because I try and help him. Now I really wish gabby was helping in this battle so we could have tried to avoid this.

Session 6
Where to go from here...

Party Recorder Notes – by Mike.

When last we left our merry group…

Liam said no to the marriage of dutchess Chi, and someone just like him married her after an assassination attempt on Liam the double. Afterwards he received handwraps and the whole group parties. Yon learns that Chi’s husband is an ambassador from the country of Kara-Tura who knows the Emperor. It was sort of a political wedding for the Kara-Turians here. Liam is only slightly smashed at this party. Harold finds someone new and toasts to “long life” and passes out. Yon distances himself and notices others distancing himself like an old guy with a ruby encrusted walkingstick, and some weirdos from inbred houses which don’t get out much. Gabby is dancing with the hot guys but didn’t have time to get drunk. Yon notices Liam Harld and Felix have disappeared so Yon goes looking for them. Felix and Harld are outside. Yon goes back inside with Harold over his shoulder and with Felix he convinces Gabrielle to leave (amidst disappointed suitors) Gabrielle uses her ring to try and find Liam and fails, Yon looks at her ring and follows it’s trail to a park. Felix goes running off, Yon calls after him, there’s no answer but there is barking coming from the direction he’s running. Yon tries to figure out Liam’s motivations for being in a tree while Gabs goes up in the tree with Liam. The barking stops as Liam asks about it. So we go look for Felix and find a wolf “nom-ing” on something which looks to be a mouse. He bounds toward Liam and Gabrielle. Liam asks the wolf if it knows where Felix is, telling it to bark once for yes and twice for no. It barks, and they ask it to take them where Felix is. The wolf sits. Eventually They figure out the wolf is Felix. Harold starts to come around, groggily, while walking to an inn. Along the way theres a piercing scream. Liam runs toward it, Yon follows, and the Big Bad (coward) wolf is there growling at the woman. We all rush in to attack as the woman flees, Gabby fumbles, Felix missed biting, Liam flippy trippy dippy kicky thingy’s the wolf and hits, forcing it to yip. Harld slips off of Yon’s shoulders and flanks, hitting! Yon runs up and swings, hitting. It drops to the ground, appearing perhaps dead. Within seconds the body changes to an asian version of Liam. And the whistles of the guards happen from the streets. The guards think that the wolf form of Felix is the wolf that the lady was complaining about. We are all escorted. Hours later the detective Caruso shows up and Felix says “someone let me out of this cage?” Someone puts Felix into the cell, Caruso questions everybody about the situation and gets our statements but can’t release us yet. A high muckity-muck shows up – Chancellor to the king (who Yon answers to) pulls Yon aside and questions him. He explains that they must find and identify the “lady of the evening” which ran from the situation. Great. The paladin needs to find a whore.

Harold uses his knowledge to try and find a brothel… and chooses to go to the upper class areas that had good pot pies that he stole every once in a while. The local matron calls herself Momma Dee (she has a reputation of being fair and abrupt.) Yon is the only one brave enough to go first. The place has a heavy aroma. The lady in waiting shows up and we question her, learning she knows what actually happened. Yon tells the madam that under the authority of the king she is to be questioned by the chancellor and they take her to the chancellor. Gabby asks her name. It’s Karna. We get to the chancellor and tell him the woman has evil within her, and one of our group is acting funny ever since she met her. Karna reaches across Liam to show Gabs her nails and somehow Liam is enchanted as well. The chancellor calls for some colleagues and when they arrive they cast something and ask the two how they feel. It seems the casting didn’t work. They come out with a bracelet and try to put it on her. The casting continues, and Gabs and Liam cease their “bff” status. When the bracelet finally is put on she turns into a purple skinned pointy eared exotic creature. Liam figures out she’s evil now. They identify her as a dark fey, and are surprised she is in this world. She enticed the ambassador out and caused him to change form through magicks and we were mistaken as his killer.

We get out the castle gates and onto the street and head toward that abandoned building we were thinking that we could use for shelter. The sky turns dark and our rings start to glow. A barrier like effect happens over the city. The rings get brigher as we get closer, and we put the rings together and a ball of “red” forms inbetween and a big onyx black arrow is pointing somewhere. Eventually it leads toward a different park and eventually a tree. Felix tries to touch the tree with his fist and his hand goes partially into the tree. The tree is an illusion of a pedestal with a hollow core and a diamond ore quartz. Liam goes to touch it, and ceases to do much… beginning to drool. Apparently a million years (give or take) go through his head and Merrick is one of the last memories. He says that there are four more crystals to find, and they must be arranged in an obelisk to help bring Merrick back. Bringing the rings together, the arrow appears again to give us the direction of a wall. Felix appears to prod and poke the wall, and is punched and throws him back… by the wall. Yon detects no evil. All five of us approach the wall with our rings, Liam saying we were sent by Merrick. The wall parts. There is a red crystal. Harold goes for it. Harold grabs it, but nothing happens. We step out and the wall closes. The next arrow points to a pond. Liam goes into the pond, and is ejected. The pond morphs into a cohesive rectangle with arms. We are attacked. We attack back, And it goes sploosh. Gabby goes for the blue crystal. Gabby is in pain. The next arrow takes us to a shrine of an elemental lord. There is a pit of fire. Gabby has a protection from fire ring. She goes down to the bottom and thanks the lord of fire elemental-ness. She takes the black crystal and heads back up, giving it to Felix. The next arrow takes us to a mound in the middle of the park we found felix change into a dog in. Yon lifts the cloth disguised as a mound and sees a small stone with indentations on each corner. The crystals are inserted and a green crystal appears. Yon takes it, and the group puts the cloth back on the ground and it looks like a mound again. The arrow points to the center of town and a 4 sided obelisk which has slots hidden within it’s inscriptions. The fifth slot is on the horse of the statue. The monument glows, and felix opens a door which appears. When opened, it looks to be pure darkness inside. All five step inside. We are home… it’s the foryer of the mansion.

Merrick is laid out in a room in the mansion. We all step on spots correlating with the colors of the crystals. A bell gongs, and the scripts turn fillagree? with magic, and the symbols line up, and shoots a crystal rod into the coffin. The body is surrounded by a white mist, and the cover of the coffin is no longer there. The mist is clearing and the body has a rosy look to it. Harold looks to the coffin and Merrick awakens. Everybody says their hellos, and Yon smiles. Merrick looks to his ring, which is gone. He snaps his fingers, calling Jeeves, and the butler appears. He calls for a status report, and nods. Gabby recaps to Merrick.

Apparently Jeeves is the reason Liam did not die… Jeeves is the one that repaired the damage to Liam’s heart and pulled the spirit back into Liam after it was leaving. Liam explains about the Big Bad wolf and Merrick cannot summon him to the city. Merrick notices that we’re under attack. Merrick tells us to shower, as we smell like a brothel. He tells Gabs and Harold that they need to be relocated because their enemies have found them. He requests we all leave the city while he deals with the problems. He puts his hand on Liam’s forehead, and Liam sees a vision of the red dragon with other dragons cohorting with evil and casting dark magicks over the city of Hilsofar. So we’re leaving the city.

and then…

Felix Journal

Another night passes. Harold’s asleep. I think he had too much to drink. The moon, that beautiful, terrible wretched glowing orb in the night keeps me up still. As tired as I feel, I can’t sleep. I mustn’t sleep, or I’ll dream of her again, as I always do on these nights. I miss Merrick. There was never a full moon outside my window at night at the mansion… but here I’m still subject to its terrible face.

Yon found me, and we gathered everyone and went to find Liam (Big surprise. Can’t he just stick around?). It was a boring walk, really, but on the way, I saw something that looked DELICIOUS run by. I couldn’t help myself. I ran after it, and finding that it was too fast, willed myself to be faster. The world blurred, color draining as I found myself suddenly quickening. It was joyous! I felt free! I couldn’t help myself, I barked and barked and barked, pursuing my tasty quarry with a newfound energy.

Mmmm, mm, it was YUMMY. Perhaps I was just starving though. It was only a mouse, after all.

My meal was almost over when I heard them. I didn’t care much, I was finishing up when I saw Gabby, Yon, Liam, and Harold. They seemed surprised to see me. I couldn’t tell why, I mean, I’m not THAT strange-… ah, yes, this change.

Luckily, they didn’t attack me. I should be thankful, considering that I looked to be a wolf, the same thing we’d been fighting for some time now. It wasn’t hard to identify myself, but they didn’t believe fully. I wouldn’t have believed it myself either. So I followed them, wondering what to do about my new predicament.

A scream shattered my thoughts. Immediately, I’m after the scream, knowing that the others were going too.

Another wolf… great. He’s bigger than me… and scarier. Honestly, I didn’t know what had gotten into me when I lunged wholeheartedly into battle with the beast. I tripped over myself trying to fight, showing just how unused to myself I was. This new body thing is only easy insofar as perhaps walking, not fighting. It mattered not, though, as he finally fell… and became the ambassador we’d seen marry just earlier.

Why do these things happen to us?

On that note, I now sympathize with domestic dogs. Getting dragged around by someone, and locked in a cage, is not fun. At all. Especially when it’s the town guard that’s doing the dragging and locking. I wanted to change back to myself, but couldn’t will it. I stayed up the few hours until dawn summoning my will. Thank the gods that I managed to change back. I like seeing in color.


It took some work and some things that I don’t understand, but he’s back! YAY! I could die of happiness now! But I won’t, that would be bad, and I’d rather not have the Butler need to deal with me after what he did for Liam.

Uh oh. Merrick doesn’t look happy. Enemies of Harold and Gabby? What enemies could they have?

Leave…? My books, the library, my guide?

But then again… what are those, compared to my friends?

Wolves, Woes and Weddings...

Session 5

Recap by Mike Mason. Food Hamburgers.

Players present:

  • Mike
  • Bekah
  • Conor
  • Nick
  • Matt

We picked up walking down the strange road. An eight inch tall man stepped forth to block the progress of the party. In a rhyming speech, he told them they had to answer his riddles three. They accepted the challenge, and answered the riddles with nary a pause. They pressed on and met a strange cloaked figure. She never gave a name, nor was asked, but in exchange for 10 gp per character, guided them to the dark fey realm and back to the fey road.

The characters came upon an in-progress ritual, neither knowing nor caring about it’s purpose they decided to put an end to it. Against eight wolves, the Big Bad Wolf, and apparently the Dark Fey Queen, the party fared not well. Things began looking grim, but after the completion of the ritual the dark queen disappeared, which apparently signaled the wolves and BBW to depart, not caring about the group… Though BBW did something to Felix before leaving. Inside the ritual circle Gabrielle recovered a Longsword with a crystal or diamond in the hilt, and some treasure from an altar.

The group, counting their blessings, recovered the seven young girls, and returned henceforth to town.

Upon clearing the forest, they saw Merrick in an epic battle with a fearsome colossal dragon. The dragon won apparently by crushing and then suffocating the old man before flying away, possibly in confusion, or meandering…

The group knew something was amiss, when they couldn’t find the manor with their access rings. Liam departed to contemplate this deep loss, while the rest delivered the young girls to the church to heal them and return them to their folks. The group was rewarded handsomely for their troubles. Yon was given a suit of Masterwork Full Plate; Liam never collected his reward; Harold was given a bandoleer of daggers (two of which are masterwork); Felix was given a masterwork chain shirt; Gabrielle got two masterwork daggers, and a masterwork short sword.

Deciding to let Liam in on his share of the reward, they tracked him down. They were met with a page with a letter to have them all join Duchess Chi for dinner and preparations for the upcoming wedding. A partial message of foreboding was delivered by the Insubstantial Butler. They met at Duchess Chi’s. A strange sight of white small simians piqued Liam’s curiosity. After dinner, Liam returned upstairs to his suite, but with a feeling of trepidition turned around, only to find a dagger buried in his gut. (Liam dropped to 1 HP and stunned for three rounds). Felix came upon this strange sight, and seeing blood accosted the assassin before he could finish off Liam. A warning from the Butler sent the group scrambling, and Felix brought Yon directly to the fight. With Gabrielle and Harold showing up, the battle quickly turned against the apparently inept assassin (WHO KEPT CRIT FAILING). Harold and then Gabrielle finished the poor fellow off. The rest of the estate guards appeared. Liam bent over and searched the fallen assassin; meanwhile, another guard cries out in pain and then pointing to a group on a roof, shouts ‘Assassins!’ and then the present guards leave to chase down the criminals (READ: the other party – group A). They are ushered to a safe room and then return later to find the suite has been robbed in their absence – the drapes, silverware and other valuables.

Liam pulls Gabrielle aside and confesses his lack of love for the duchess. Realizing he can speak freely, he figures the duchess is dead and barges in on his sleeping “wife”. She assures him everything is okay, and puts off his confession of not loving her. She manages to convince him to at least attend the wedding to say no.

The next day, the public wedding is held. Felix spots an assassin in the rafters and kills him before he can kill the duchess. Liam says no to the “I do” spot, and is surprised when Chi says “No, I choose him” and points to a guy that looks similar to Liam. She is wed, and there is a reception. Liam is given a gift of Wrist Wraps from the now married Duchess.

We end at 5:30pm and commenced leveling everyone to level 3.

Player Recap

By Mike Mason:

When last we left, we were entering the archway, and the scenery changed.

As we walk down the road, a diminutive guy with a piping voice blocks the road challenging us with three riddles. They are answered, and an archway appears. Another change of scenery, this time to a forest with sparkly! berries and dewdrops on pristine foliage. There is a dark robed figure to the side of the path. Felix greets the figure, who turns out to be a woman. She explains the path is hard to find without being on it, and that the man with red eyes is the servant to the dark one. She asks 10g each to guide us to him and back to the path afterwards. Small red eyes follow us from the canopy of the forest. She stops and says she’ll wait for us. We hear chanting. Yon requests the sneaks sneak.

There is a circle of wolves around a circle of seven young girls standing on arcane symbols headed by a thin lady who looks Russian. The big bad wolf is behind them. The kids have had their wrists slit. Gabrielle throws a dagger which misses the woman.

Initiative! Gabrielle moves west, and the wolves (and Harold) follow. Liam, Felix, and Yon move north to approach wolves. The wolves attack the two groups, Yon breaks free to go north and grab some girls, as does Harold, but Felix and Gabrielle are downed. Yon moves back toward Gabrielle with some of the girls, and Harold follows. Liam moves to the girls but the Big Bad follows. Yon stabilizes Gabby, gives her two of the girls, and moves to Felix, healing him. Liam investigates a wolf while the rest head toward the guide. Gabby sees something shiny, so she goes to try and pull it out. She tries to dig the white gem, and digs the rest of it, it’s a sword with a gem on the hilt actually. She pulls the sword. Liam kills the wolf he investigated by burning it. We found a coin pouch with 300 gold and a couple of jewels. Yon coup de grace kills the other wolf.

The guide asks “are you ready to return?” and Harold describes the woman we saw. The guide calls her the “Dark Queen.” She leads us back to the gate, we appear back on the path, and go back to the mushroom ring.

The team sees the fight between a huge dragon and Merrick, where the dragon falls – onto Merrick. Gabrielle shouts “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” And there’s no more Merrick when the dragon flies off.

Everybody’s trying to take the girls to the church. Everybody is healed. Liam walks off. The captain of the guards rewards us with full plate for Yon, Harold got 10 daggers, Felix wants masterwork chain shirt, Gabrielle wants some masterwork daggers and a masterwork lock pick set. Liam is found later, and we tell him about the rewards and his chance to get one. Duchess Chi summons Liam by messenger. Liam tries to tell him to bugger off, but he cries instead. Gabrielle says “I’m gonna read your mail!” She reads about the “special day” and is indignant about the fact that it’s been too soon since Merrick left us. A wispy figure kinda like the butler gives us a message we think is from Benley, and it says “you need to leave” but is cut off afterward.

So, the party reluctantly go to Chi’s estate. At dinner, the butler materializes after Liam and Felix leave and says “danger” then disappears. As Harold searches for what happens to the monkeys he is stabbed by a man with a red goatee… and dropped to 1 hit point. Felix finds Liam, and teleports Yon to the scene, as the goateed man throws a dagger at Yon but missing badly. Yon charges him. Gabrielle and Harold make it upstairs, and charge the man, Gabrielle taking him down. As everybody is inspecting the downed man, and the hurt Liam, a guard in the room is hit from a force attack. A special dagger is found on Liam’s attacker. Everybody is shunted to another room, and we find a note that says “there is an assassin in your midst.” Liam pulls Gabby aside and tells her he can’t go through with it. Then he realizes she must be dead because he CAN say she can’t go through with it. He runs to her room and strikes the door in, goes in and sees a veiled woman, who won’t let him lift her veil. He tells her he won’t be at the wedding. In the morning, he tells everybody he won’t be in the wedding. The chinaman tells Liam that if he goes to the ceremony and participates he can say “no.”

At the performance, Liam asks Yon to stand by him at the wedding. A crossbow sniper fires and misses someone near the walkway to the wedding. Felix notices, and psychic blasts the sniper. Gabrielle darts up to the rafters to find more people. Harold follows, and identifies the body as a young asian guy. The wedding continues, and Liam says “no”, then chi says “no” and points to a man that comes forth from the shadows, and excuses liam. (he looks just like him) And the rest of the wedding goes off without a hitch. Liam gets a present, some handwraps with a light enchantment on it.

We gain level 3! WOOT WOOT!

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

GM Summary

Meal – Hamburgers, and the late snack was Tuna Salad; with desert being gummy worms, chocolate cookies, and other assorted candies.

Players Present

  • Yon Yonsin (Played by Mike)
  • Gabrielle (Played by Bekah)
  • Liam (Played by Nick)
  • Harold (Played by Conor)
  • Felix (Played by Matt K.)

Session 4 Notes

Recap to come soon… this GM is still recovering from last game… ;)

  • Recap last session
  • Characters find themselves in a common gathering room (Like the Harry Potter Series)
  • More characters visit Merrick in his Aquarium Study
  • News of a missing Girl and more attacks on the farms
  • Found the Big Bad Wolf performing a Strange Ritual with a kidnapped girl in a Mushroom Ring
  • Made it to the Realm of the Fey
  • Five days till Liam’s Public Wedding to the lovely Duchess Chi

Player Summary

Session Recorder by Mike

We ended the cutscene with Liam storming out of the library. Pissed. He wants to go watch clouds. He was so upset that he ended up in this room, which is new.

Yon and Benley get back to the manor. Gabrielle, Felix, and Harold all return as well.

Everybody ends up in a room similar to the Gryffindor common room. The furniture is scattered not just around the room but in different levels around the room. Gabrielle tries to jump up to the high furniture, Yon stands and takes in the whole scenery of the room. Felix and Harold climb the plush furniture and try jumping up and down. FIRST TO THE TOP WINS!

Benley is standing scratching his head in silence.

Liam is perplexed. Gabrielle invites liam to the top of the room, but he goes to a plushy chair. Felix tells Gabrielle to speak slower, and she slows her words patronizingly. Liam shouts “silence!” but doesn’t waste the spellpoints to cast anything on her. Yon facepalms.

Nobody knows why they’re here, but harold is the first to mention anything. There are pocket pies on a table nearby, Gabrielle leaps onto a cushy chair near the table, and bounces off landing nearby. The eternal teenagers eat as well as they can. Felix continues to climb as high as he can. The higher he goes, the higher the roof gets, subtly, with more furnature near it. Then, mystically, he lowers along with the furnature, so the roof is really the same height, but Felix only thinks the roof gets higher. Yon watches this and wonders to himself “Good Tyr what have I gotten myself into.” After a while Felix pulls out a book and starts reading. Gabrielle asks about what happened at the Garrison with Yon, and Yon explains. There are doors in and out of here, and Yon figures to go in one specifically going to find Merrick. The study with the fish that are swimming in midair. A large shark swims by him. Merrick is sitting with a pipe half in his mouth reading a book. Yon requests a word, and Harold walks in saying “Hey whiskers” Merrick respons “Flabberghast.” Yon says “Pardon me?” MErrick says “you said you wanted a word. that’s a word.” Yon asks about the wolf which “fled” his presence. Merrick doesn’t know anything about it. On his way out, a fish goes to nibble on Yon, trying to ‘clean’ him like cleaner fish do.

Harold looks around at the fish “Shouldn’t these be in water?” Merrick replies “They are in water.” Harold shakes his head confused. Felix reads some books. Liam goes to his cloudwatching space.

Liam actually did explain he wishes to fight the bad with Yon. Felix then joins. Harold and Gabrielle say they wish to sleep before fighting the wolf. Yon hears a bell in his room. Yon excuses himself, and hears a bell in his room. Felix reads about wolves, but doesn’t read about anything like the large wolf he faced. Yon opens his door, and Gabby and Harold join reluctantly, but Yon explains rest is essential to their quest. we all rest. Night falls, morning breaks.

Yon is on a quest to fix the broken day. Yon goes to the dining room, where amazingly enough, there is breakfast. Wherever we usually sit is our breakfast of choice. Yon’s breakfast is high in fiber, with prune juice. We eat. Benley is mysteriously absent. Harold’s breakfast consists of lots of pot pies. Liam eats only half his meal. Harold wants to know when to move out, Yon says “as soon as possible.” The teens move to the same spot they thought they found the wolves in the first time. There is a voice in the forest. “Throw down your weapons and surrender.” Yon shouts back “On who’s authority?” “On mine ya bloody blaggart!” Liam sees at least six men with bows about to shoot us. Yon grabs his sheild. Initiative!

Gabrielle goes to climb the tree. Rawr! She misses. Harold goes to a different badguy. He misses. Liam goes to attack yelling “bogga bogga bogga” and hits. Felix attempts to mental contact yet another, and contacts, making him hold action. Harold is hit with a shortsword. Felix is missed. Liam is hit very mildly. Gabrielle is hit. The held guard is stunned. Yon moves up to his attacker, drawing his sword, and misses. Harold feints but misses his attack. Gabrielle tumbles and goes to attack who Harold is attacking. Felix attempts to psychic shout two baddies, one hits the other misses. Yon is critically hit. They miss liam. Yon intimidates his opponent, and hits him. Gabrielle critically hits Harold’s first opponent, backstabbing and dropping him. Harold hits the badguy trying to attack Felix, and hits him in the back. Liam hits his target. Yon is missed. Yon intimidates his target, but misses his attack. Gabrielle kills her target. Harold holds action Liam moves to sonic burst the two that Felix has been effectively incapacitating. Felix psychic shouts the one that the sonic burst did not stun. Yon’s assailant runs away, yon runs toward the stunned individual. Gabrielle moves to slay the stunned opponent after asking Yon “should I kill him?”, and does. Felix was mentally contacted by someobody who just died. This brings back traumatic memories. We all notice that Felix collapses sobbing, saying “Alias!” Yon raises an eyebrow as Liam runs to him to console him, Felix shouts “Get away from me!” and shoves Liam. Felix’ hand goes to his necklace, which looks to have been altered to be longer to fit Felix. Harold asks Felix “What’s the matter?” Harold asks Gabby “Who is Elias?” and Gabby says that must have been the name of the guy she just killed. Harold says she shouldn’t have killed him. Gabrielle says that Yon told her to.

Felix talks about Alias, and Liam attempts to lay hands on Felix, but Felix recoils and shouts “Stay away from me!” again. Liam explains he’s just trying to help, but it doesn’t work that well, as Felix claims that Liam “did this to her.” explaining he killed her. Liam provokes Felix, and gets a psychic blast to the face. Yon stays silent, and Harold backs away. Liam explains that Felix has the intent to kill, and Liam wishes that Felix didn’t. Felix says “large words from someone who just killed my friend” responding to the delusion. Yon tries to explain things to Liam, telling him the majority did not see what you saw. Felix agrees to come back for treatment, and the party head back to town. As we are approaching the town, Felix begins to have a headache, and feels like he got hit by a horse. Yon states “as far as I know you have no reason to be mentally injured.” Gabrielle asks about Alias, explaining the situation. Felix explains that Alias has been gone for seven years. (we left the unconscious body in the forest, accidentally.) Liam hears a small voice in the alley he’s passing through (because he’s ahead of us since he stormed off.) “No master, no!” An old guy was beating what appears to be a seven year old with a cane. Liam’s eyes go black, and says “You chose the wrong day to mess with someone.” And the old guy responds “Get out of here, freak.” Liam hits him and downs him, asking if the kid is okay, and tries to heal the kid, who gets up and runs down the alley. Liam shouts to him not to go back to that master again. The rest of the party get back to the manor. In the foyer, The butler materializes from a wall, to Harold and Gabrielle’s chagrin, and looks at harold saying “young master is very injured.” Harold shrugs it off, Gabrielle is upset that Harold went alone at first. Harold is taken to a room with solid stone floor and hole in the floor, filled in with mud. Harold climbs in, making sure he knows there’s a bottom and he can get back out, and he falls asleep. Gabrielle follows. Yon uses lay on hands on himself and goes to his room to rest. The butler explains “you can get out miss.” but when Gabrielle asks about Harold, he’s still sleeping. she gets dressed, and two hours later, Harold is told he can get out too. He gets dressed, and goes to eat in the common room. Felix went to the library and read a book, falling asleep. Yon wakes up and feels refreshed. He seeks out the others, going to the common room. The butler taps Yon on the shoulders, and has a note for Yon. Yon takes it, and thanks the butler, reading the note afterwards. A farming family was attacked by a pack of wolves, one fatality ensued, and a girl went missing. (it’s a guard report) And asks to help find the others so they may try yet again. Harold Yon and Gabrielle walk into the library and find Felix unaware of our presence. Yon asks to attempt yet again to slay the evil wolf. Felix agrees, and walks around the giant landing to Yon. Does anyone know where Liam is? We think we want to go to Liam, and we end up outside on steps to a balcony, where Liam is laying down just cloud watching, giving no attention to the teens. Harold calls to Liam, and Liam asks why do they need him, Yon responds “the more the merrier. can’t you see I’m merry?” and Liam grumbles and agrees to go. The teens go to the new scene of the new fatality. Yon allows Harold to think he’s leading the group. We get to the scene of the attack. The farmer’s wife and one boy are there. They’re showing that the girl was kidnapped from her room, her window was broken into by a big wolf with red eyes. there’s blood still splattered everywhere. we find tracks outside the window, and follow them. The tracks split into two groups. They attempt to aid eachother in tracking, and get confused because we think the tracks become more numerous. Harold wonders aloud if there are more. Felix smells smoke, and the rest of us smell a change in the air. We follow the smoke. Harold tries to be stealthy. Gabrielle tries to be stealthy as well. Liam also tries to be stealthy. Yon does not. Harold and Gabrielle find a clearing with wolves, two bonfires, some henchmen, the kidnapped girl in the middle of a ring of mushrooms, and a scraggly man in the thick of it incanting something. The man’s eyes do not appear to be red, but the bonfire may be concealing that. Harold moves back to the rest, and stops them, informing of the situation. Yon draws sword and shield. Gabrielle (still ahead) notices after Harold leaves that the man starts glowing red. Liam tries to be stealthy. Gabrielle tries to advance stealthily, and gets close enough to hit a rock at the red glowy guy. It bounces off. She throws a dagger as the others approach. It hits the mark exactly, and he stops chanting at a final word, as his eyes glow red and he changes into a big bad wolf. INITIATIVE. Gabrielle is noticed by the wolves in unison. (Hive mind) as she monkeys around in the trees. Harold tries getting to Gabby. The tree they’re hiding in tries to entangle them. Gabrielle is massively hurt, Harold got a little hurt. Yon runs up to the wolves. Felix psychic blasted one of the wolves. Liam does a soundburst. Yon gets hit for massive amounts of damage by three of the henchmen rogues.

Gabrielle moves a half move. Harold attacks a wolf, flanking it. The big bad moves over to the ring of mushrooms, he and the girl disappear. Gabrielle gets hurt. Yon hits one brigand. Felix aims at another with a psychich “ha-do-ken” and misses, Liam gets upset and hits a thug. Thugs take 5 foot steps backward after attacking Yon and missing. Gabrielle is hit by a wolf and is nearly prone. Yon does a lay on hands on himself while cursing the cowardly druid-wolf. Felix apports Gabrielle out of the brush to near Yon. Liam kicks the rogue in the head which at this point was overkill. Gabrielle passes out. Liam is laying on hands on Yon, then goes for Harold who is moving back through entanglement, and heals him too. The blue ring appears to have lost it’s glow. Yon searches the bandit and find nothing of immediate interest. Liam carries him back to the gates, and is questioned by the guards. “he is involved with the wolf case.” Yon eloquently explains the situation. The Seargeant offers a cell to put the unconscious man in. They do. Yon asks for the captain, who will be back in the morning. Liam incants, and tells yon to interrigate the man. Yon asks “why did you kidnap that girl” “The master wanted her.” “Why did the master want her?” “He wanted to sacrifice her to the dark Fey” “what is the dark fey?” “opposite of the good fey” “Which specific dark fey?” “I don’t know.” “So who is your master?” “He calls himself the big bad wolf.” “Where did your master go with the girl?” “To fairyland.” “How do we get there?” “You go through the fairy ring.” “Do we need anything special in order to travel through this fairy ring?” “I don’t know.” “Do you know someone who can activate the ring other than the big bad wolf” “No.” “Do you know if it’s in another dimension” “I don’t know.” Felix has read that you need to pour fine wine over the ring in order to activate it. The party unanimously decide to rest until they can talk to the captain. There’s a note in the middle of the table at breakfast. Liam hands Yon the mail. Three farms got sacked, and three girls got kidnapped. There were also many casualties. Yon immediately leaves, and goes to the Garrison, with everybody else behind him. The captain is there, and Yon explains that martial law should be enacted to assure all young girls below marital age are taken to the castle for protection. Yon asks for wine, and the captain writes a note for the flying unicorn to give Yon a bottle of wine. The party excuses themselves, and go to the Flying Unicorn, which surprisingly has clean floors, and intact walls. They actually sell fine wines and upscale food. There are bouncers, who demand Yon’s pass. He shows them. A man behind the bar walks over to Yon saying “well you’re a little young to drink but what can I do for you?” “I need some fine wine in order to fight evil.” And the bartender sashays away, He comes back carrying a bottle with dust on it, saying “Charles owes me big for this one.” and Yon thanks him and says “this will help me fight evil.” And leaves. The group go back to the fairy ring, and when we get there we notice the bonfires are out, the entanglements are gone, and the ring of mushrooms is still there. Felix attempts to replicate the procedure from the book. Felix calls for Yon, who doesn’t want to drink. Liam explains the process: Pour some in the circle, pour some on yourself, and drink some. Felix tells everybody to stand in the circle. He pours the wine in the circle, and the circle glows. We all appear on a road, there is an archway behind us and a road going off. We’re in a shadowy realm with just a spell. We walk until we go through another archway. On the other side, the scenery changes, and…

Weddings and Wolves!

Quick intro of the new players, Matt and Ian. Got the Chinese ordering done for a later lunch meal.

Our Cast for this game:
  • Gabrielle (Played by Rebekah)
  • Harold (Played by Conor)
  • Yon (Played by Mike)
  • Liam (Played by Nick)
  • Felix (Played by Matt K.)
  • Benley (Played by Ian)

And so we began the game: “Harold, Harold! I had the strangest dream….” as Gabrielle recounts her tall tail of being in another place with a talking squirrel on a flying lizard whilst fighting fanged monkeys… Though their may be something to the story as she is sporting a new Ring.

For the second time in a few days, the party is summoned to lunch with Merrick. He seems a little perplexed at the fact he’s being invited to a wedding. The groups stumbles over themselves trying to tactfully explain the events of last time, but jumble it badly down to the dress being ruined which is why it was rescheduled. Being ever so generous, Merrick invites the party to share in the ‘ceremony’ of the wedding again, and the courtly ball afterward. The group was again sent to retrieve the Wedding Dress from the Dressmaker and to meet at the Cathedral for the ceremony. Lucius was flaming as ever, of course Harold, Liam and Yon stayed outside this time, while Benley and Felix came rushing out as quickly as possible, feeling violated on some deeper level, leaving Gabrielle to carry the dress out herself.

The group takes the dress to the Castle without fuss and then makes their way to the Cathedral where Merrick is already sitting and awaiting them. The wedding goes smoothly with more protections this time around, complete with Wall of Force and armed guards. After the Wedding, the group is swept to the Reception where the group mingles amongst the nobles, some fair better then others…

  • Liam is singled out by an exotic beauty of perhaps 17 years of age, her almond eyes are very unique in the crowd. Speaking to Liam alone in a foreign language, he stammers out such things as, “uh yeah, you’re very nice”, “Uh huh” and other positive responses, not knowing what he is replying to… After lengthy conversation she puts her hands together kisses him on both cheeks and bows deeply to him.
  • Gabrielle finds her shyness melt away as she discusses the horrid conditions on the streets, then later she is swept away by a perfect noble gentlemen, who is very gracious with her lack of formal dance training. He seems very much enthralled with her.
  • Benley is cornered by four young ladies and finds that his protective food plate has been taken from him and he’s escorted to the dance floor where one such young lady dances with him. He dances with grace and ability only found in natural talents. However, he conspires to dance towards Harold and passes her off before she realizes what has happened.
  • Harold finds himself speaking of politics, dodging engagement proposals and such, and then finds he’s dancing with a young woman who was recently dancing with Benley…
  • Yon artfully dodges the nobles and discusses things politely. Though he fails to notice his friends falling into traps of the young nobles. Or the fact that some have agreed to things they didn’t even realize.
  • Felix finds his discussions dry and boring, though he holds his own. The nobles find his topics rather boring and leave him be after while.

Merrick approaches Harold, Yon and Felix and let them know he is going home, he tells them to enjoy the evening and try to return together.

After that he disappears. Yon begins to overhear rumors of the farmers being shredded outside the city walls. He gathers up his accosted friends and goes forth at the late hour to investigate.

Waking up a farmer, Yon learns that the next farmstead was attacked in such a manner. Yon drags his companions to the next farmstead and investigate. The barn is a scene from a slaughter, barn animals are slaughtered in various ways, some are more recent than others… the flies are thick and the smell is rancid. Gabrielle and Felix lose the contents of dinner and remain outside. Finding rather large paw prints, they discuss going towards the nearby forest.

Rather compulsively, they go to the forest. Traveling some distance they hear the howls of wolves. Pressing onward the lone scout (Benley) is attacked by two wolves… regular looking to the group, and definitely not evil. Gabrielle slays one easily, and then the rest of the group kill the second wolf. A large Wolf appears, howls (sending shivers down their spines, and the two recently dead wolves get back to their feet and press on the attack. After that, Big Bad Wolf leaves.

The group drags the dead (for the second time) wolves back to the barn and maintain a vigil till morning, where they decide to return home and sleep. Upon returning they find notes inviting them to a social event at 2pm, Yon has a general invite to investigate the brutal slayings of farmers by the town guard, and Liam has an invite for lunch at 12 noon by Duchess Chi.

[Party levels up to 2nd level]

Liam rests, and then proceeds to his social gathering. Upon meeting the duchess, he casts a comprehend languages so he may understand her. He quickly learns he’s agreed to an engagement, and he will be publicly married in one week. In his attempts to back out he discovers (much to his chagrin) that he can’t say anything negative about marrying her, or trying to get out of it… He quickly leaves using the excuse they need to slay a fearsome beast.

The rest of the group goes to their 2pm social gathering where they learn of Liam’s engagement; a few of the woman show some interest in the men of the group. And the young man that danced with Gabrielle courts her some more.

Yon goes to the Captain of the guard and is briefed on the attacks, complete with where the strikes have been. He has an idea of where the next strike may happen.

Meanwhile, Liam returns to the manor, and accosts Merrick. He discovers he is in fact married, in a special ritual, but the custom dictates the consummation takes place in one week, normally after the public ceremony. Merrick seeing the desperation tries to throw cold water at Liam by telling him the only way to end the ritual is His or Her death, knowing full well that Liam would never consider such a thing. Merrick also privately knows the ritual will not allow them to attempt such a thing, nor hire another to accomplish such a deed. For the ritual is not just magic but bound with Love.

We ended at this point – 6:15pm.


Mike’s Log Entry

So this is the session recap of 8/16/09 for Innocent or Guilty.

Gabrielle awoke distraught, for she had just been released from the most interesting… well we’ll call it a Dream. In this dream, she is fighting some bad men with dark skin, pointy ears, and long gray hair. All of a sudden, a squirrel riding a lizard flies in, snatching her away with… it’s tongue?

When she awoke, she had a new ring on her finger, and her dress was noticeably ripped in several places. This was no normal dream… or WAS it a dream? Going to the galley for some food (which, for Gabrielle and Harold is often) they meet the rest of the household, which apparently has increased since their last meeting. Yon is still there, with pristine armor, along with Liam, sour face as ever, and Merrick, head of the table. New to the scene are Felix, who is lacking much muscle, and Benley, who lacks height. This is very much an interesting addition to those already seated, since Yon lacks humility, Liam lacks cheerfulness, and Harold along with Gabrielle both lack a lot of maturity. Merrick opens up by showing the party the wedding invitation and asking “Um, didn’t I already send you to this?” to which he got a rather sheepish explanation of the attempted murder of the princess and the accusation of Harold. Begrudgingly, Merrick explains that the dress must be picked up again, and he will attend, but his tone of voice implied he’s dragging the teenagers with him. The group is given two hours to prepare. During that time, Benley and Felix find rings in their quarters, Benley pockets his, Felix wears his.

Gathering the dress was rather interesting for Felix and Benley, who haven’t yet met the very impressionable Luscious – err Lucius, the dressmaker. The boys who met him shuddered to think to meet him again, so they stayed outside, but Lucius took a liking to Felix as he gave Gabrielle the dress. Was Felix part blink dog? Who knows, but he sure got outside as fast as one. Gabrielle handed the dress to Yon, who has the biggest armspan, and carried the dress to the castle. Showing the guards and the head of the servants the notes that Merrick has given the teens to show for their invitation (after Gabrielle hides behind Harold when she quips things to the guard), they all go to the cathedral where the second attempt at a wedding is held. Several spectators give the teens rude looks, which Liam returned, and received even ruder looks as a reply. The wedding was performed without a hitch, because, well, surprisingly, the princess had a small army of guards around her when she was in the ceremony. Mazel tov!

At the wedding reception, the youths decide to attempt blending in socially. Liam fails dramatically, mostly because he doesn’t wish to respond to anybody for any reason. Benley doesn’t fare much better, but at least he isn’t spitting on people. Yon converses well, but the true stars of the reception were Harold and Gabrielle, who apparently channeled the knowledge of political ramifications of adverse effects of socioeconomic protocols within boundaries of governmental monarchies. Hours pass, when several women begin to flock to both Benley and Liam, a few to Harold, and several men flock to Gabrielle. Yon finds this intriguing and concerning, but didn’t much wish to prevent it yet. Well he should have, because when one very eager woman spoke to Liam in a foreign language, Liam did not understand her but smiled and nodded. The others were not exactly having fun with their party dates, so when Yon caught wind of a rumor in which something was ripping apart livestock outside of town, when he asked them to join him in finding it, they very readily agreed, especially Liam.

General knowledge of the city allowed the youths to deduce that south is where the farmland is, so south they went, avoiding a particularly nasty part of town upon Harold’s request. Once at the farmland, they knock on the door of the house, and a gentleman ushers them in, explaining that the slaughter was on the farm of people next to his. So, the teens traveled to that farm, finding a slaughter house which should be a barn. The rancid smell of decaying flesh was so strong that Gabrielle had to lose her dinner. Pity, it was a good dinner.

Bloody corpses everywhere, some fresh, some days old, indicated something kept coming back. The 2nd floor of the barn indicated it was a wild animal who wiped their paws on the hay to keep from bloodying a path, and the burst inward window covering explains how the creature got inside. The farmer’s house was empty, so the party decides to head toward the woods. Benley was scouting ahead, somehow seeing in the dark, when he was attacked by two wolves, one of which bit him. Gabrielle, runs, jumps off a tree, flips, and stabs a wolf in the back of the head. Fatality.

Everybody decides to attempt to kill the second wolf as quickly as possible, but Gabrielle again adds one to her kill tally. Pity the youths were focused so much on that wolf, because they didn’t notice the one four times it’s size which was 30 feet away. It howled fiercely with it’s red eyes, and the two downed wolves were suddenly not downed anymore. Their eyes glowed red as well. Lovely. Undead wolves. Felix uses psychic powers against the first wolf, and Yon strikes the second one. Harold flanks the first, and Gabrielle again tries to down the second.

The quadra-sized wolf flees into the forest. Yon avoids being bitten, but Gabrielle does not. She gets hurt very badly by the attack. Felix stabs the first, Benley slices the second with his scimitar, downing it again. Yon runs after the quadra-sized wolf, and Harold downs wolf one. After searching, Yon gives up not knowing where the large wolf went. The party take the two dead undead wolves to the barn in an attempt to lure the massive one, but realize they fail when it never shows up.

Their plan fruitless, the teens go back to Merrick’s for some well-earned rest. All six teens get at least one letter, Yon gets two. Liam’s first letter is inviting him to the house of… his FIANCEE? Yon’s first letter is to invite him to the guard to assist in the defeat and capture of… oh yeah that ravenous thing which is killing at the farms. Been there, done that. The second letter, and everybody else’s only letter, is an invite to a luncheon at 2pm. Liam leaves early to figure out his new fiancée, Yon sleeps in, as do most of the rest of the teens. At the abode of Liam’s affianced, he is told by the noble woman that she was overjoyed at his acceptance of the idea of unity, and has the King’s blessing. The ensuing production of fumbling the disappointing attempt at rejection is utterly hilarious. Even admissions of homosexuality are useless against the deflective apologetics this woman uses. Fleeing from her proves also to be a challenge, as the kiss she gives him on the cheek somehow mystically induced a form of pain upon any rejection he may give to the woman from that point forward.

At the luncheon, rumor has spread that Duchess chi has become betrothed to Liam, and the youths meet up with their previous night’s dates. Benley’s stalker lunges on him, while Gabrielle’s suitor attempts to woo her. Hours go by and the party is acclimated. Yon takes his leave to go to the Barracks, and Benley asks to go with, and does.

Liam runs to talk to Merrick, while Felix walks with the mischievous Harold who teases Gabrielle, also going to Merrick.

Yon speaks with the captain, and explains the previous night’s encounter, and that the wolf is still at large. The captain understands and asks Yon to still search and dispatch the vile creature, which Yon easily agrees to, and returns to the house. At the house of Merrick, the library which strangely holds a floating fish, also has a studying Merrick who is interrupted by a distraught Liam. Liam pleads to find an evasion or loophole, but the only one that Merrick can think of is the unthinkable – dispatch the Duchess. Liam storms out angrily.

- End Mike’s Recounting.

Set up again!

Game Scheduled for July 19th

Game was scheduled to start at 12 noon and go to 6pm

Present: Bekah, Mike, Nick, Conor

Introduced the new players, and brought the characters together. Yon Yonsin (played by Mike) and Liam (player by Nick) have been established at Merrick’s residence for 5 years. They end up training in the gym together but avoid each other. They have not encountered any other occupants at the residence, though Yon discovers that there are others he has never met after a conversation with Merrick.

Harold (played by Conor) and Gabrielle (played by Bekah) have been established at the residence for two weeks, and have been training.

The Butler showed up to each character and invites them to a late lunch at 1pm. Merrick is present when they all show up. Harold and Gabrielle show up late (Harold wanted to grab a chicken pot pie for Gabby and a Peach Cobbler Pie for himself).

[Togo Sandwiches served during game play]

Harold sits and begins eating; Merrick invites the rest to eat. After the meal Merrick tells them he’s sending them to the big wedding for the Crown Princess, as his representatives. He also needs them to pick up the dress for the Crown Princess and drop it off at the palace. He then dismisses himself and leaves, leaving the group to introduce themselves as they see fit. The group leaves to their rooms to get changed, except Harrold who feels comfortable in his current outfit. Yon is the first to return and awaits the others. Gabrielle and Harold return. Gabrielle is wearing a comfortable and resplendent dress, complete with slits to aid in movement. Yon tells Harrold his attire needs to be changed. Harold reluctantly agrees and get’s changed. Liam returns shortly after Harold has returned.

  • Yon – Wearing his polished Breast Plate, with a Tabard with a strange sigil.
  • Liam – Wearing a Formal Dress GI (Eastern Style with Scrollwork embroidery, dark blue in color).
  • Gabrielle – Wearing a Formal Dress
  • Harold – Wearing a Formal Suit (Black with silver embroidery)

They shortly leave with the Letter for the Dressmaker and the Invitation for Merrick. Entering an alley way they discover thugs are blocking their path and soon are surrounded. The group quickly dispatches the ruffians. Yon makes the first Killing blow, Gabrielle makes the second… in the aftermath, Gabrielle vomits realizing she’s killed someone for the first time in her life.

Kill Count – Gabrielle, Yon and Liam with 2 each, Harold failed to kill any. Liam heals himself and Harold. Yon heals himself. Their ruined clothes seem to mend and de-stain without any intervention on the part of the group.

Pressing onward, the group reaches the Wedding Dressmaker. Inside they meet the flamboyant and flaming owner and dressmaker, Lucius. With some banter he retrieves the dress for the Crown Princess and the party retreats from the business as quickly as possible once the dress is in hand.

Making their way to the castle they drop of the dress and then get an escort to the Cathedral. Being the representatives of Merrick, they find themselves in the third aisle (pew) just behind the immediate royal family and relatives. A chance bump by a nobleman is the only excitement while waiting for the ceremony to commence.

A fanfare quickly followed by the procession marks the beginning of the Wedding. Almost on cue, at the point where the Bishop asks if any object, Harold appears to stand up and throw his ‘special’ dagger directly into the brides’ back causing her to collapse in apparent death. What Liam and Yon see is a blurred version, but otherwise see the traitorous act as well. Harold and the rest of the party are taken in for questioning. Interrogated and questioned they are surprised by the presence of special investigator Grissom (Yeah, a player threw out the CSI name so we used it, <sarcasm> thanks Mike</sarcasm>). Harold is un-divinable as the special agent seeks to discover the plot. He remarks that the culprit is easy since the ball reveals the truth of what happened according to how they saw it, not what they try to think otherwise.

A suspicion forms when the group sees a replay of the events of the wedding… Harold suspects that the “bully” was behind them being framed again. On review they discover that each party member had been touched in passing by two people and then Harold had been bumped by the disguised ‘Bully’. To clear their names (Yes, the entire group sees that they looked liked guilty accomplices according to several eyewitness accounts), they are released with magical collars that will kill them if they flee. The group returns to the original scene of the crime (THE WHAREHOUSE were it all began, at least for Harrold and Gabrielle).

Harold finds evidence of flash bombs; Yon discovers a Dagger with a malice and a true evil aura; Liam discovers windows have been broken, most likely by grappling hooks; Gabrielle discovers a trap door leading into the sewer system. The group proceeds into the sewer, and happen to discover a light and voices coming by them. Harold sneaks closer and overhears the familiar voice of the ‘Bully’ gloating on the success of getting Harold framed for the murder of the Crown Princess.

The group sneaks up behind the oblivious rogues and quickly take them down with a minimal fuss. We stopped the action there as the time was now 6 pm.

GM gives a dialogue on the fact they are able to clear their names with the guilty party in custody.

Session 1 - The Beginning...

Using Eclipse – The Codex Persona as the base of the system (d20 rule set, 3.5 edition for everything else).


Harold is played by Matt, a mouthy 15 year old. Appears human, but his friends except Gabrielle have all outgrown or left him.

Occupation – Street Urchin

Disadvantages – Broke, Irreverent and Poor Reputation

Gabrielle is played by Bekah, a mousy 15 year old girl. Appear human, but her friends except Harold have all outgrown or left her.

Occupation – Street Urchin.

Disadvantages – Broke, Poor Reputation, Dependent

The Story so far…

Our small group of two decided to start off with roguish street kids of the apparent age of 15. Barely ecking out an existence they’re overjoyed when they get a message to meet at a warehouse for a “job”.

Meeting at the warehouse, they notice other street urchins (not affiliated with the local thieves’ guild). Within minutes a loud boom and then the local constable forces are there arresting them and taking them to jail. An elderly man shows up at their jail cell and gets them set free. He explains he needs them to acquire a Talisman that will reveal the truth of the matter and clear their names as well as the other local kids.

They reluctantly agree, but demand a high price in return for their cooperation – A hot meal. The old man agrees, but tells them to buy it themselves with the money they have (Found in their ‘Geased’ bracers with a small pocket dimension which holds a money pouch).

They deduce a method of tracking down the talisman. They ‘bribe’ some beggars with a good meal and learn ‘Charles’ fenced the item. Locating Charles, they are able to get him to inadvertently reveal he sold the talisman to a Lord Gunther. They buy supplies and raid Lord Gunther’s house that night. Barely able to avoid being killed by a rug, they press onward. They locate the talisman after defeating another rug and return it to Merrick “Wrinkles” a powerful mage of some repute. (After having been tailed by “the Bully” (A local thief in the guild who had them framed for the murders of Lord and Lady Elderit).

Discovering that Merrick’s home is wholly magic they asked what should happen next, well, Merrick offered them a place to stay and training in return for doing odd jobs for him; or they could do whatever they want. They both opted to stay with the Wizard and that’s where we ended our first game.

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