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Welcome to the Innocent or Guilty Wiki.

Included here are some campaign notes references and house rules in place or even consideration.

This campaign is using the d20 (3.5 edition rules) and ‘Eclipse – The Codex Persona’ for class and abilities.

Spells taken from PHB I & II, and The Spell Compendium.

Skills have been compressed for the players borrowing from 3e, SWSE, 4e. (A list of changed skills is found under the house rules section).

Character Sheets provided by PCGen, using version 5.17.0-Developer

Link to Campaign Stuff which includes house rules and an internal link to the Experimental Rules.

Link to Common Rules

Players and Characters: SESSIONS:
  • S01 – Prequel adventure for Harold and Gabrielle
  • S02 – Main Adventure begins

Main Page

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