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Attunement (Experimental)

Characters get a certain amount of personal power to ‘activate’ or ‘grow’ certain items.

This is a hybrid from playing in Exalted, if you need to see where the idea was born.

Attunement Points are accumulated at 1 (plus 1 per 3 character levels) + Prime Stat

The original formula was 1 /3 levels, + CHA/INT/WIS divided by 3

Charisma was considered being selected as it’s been the designated “force of will” stat, in earlier versions it was the average of all three non-physical stats.

- Obviously the above mechanic will need to be tweaked as we play with it.

Mechanic – a Character may invest attunement points into certain items (Weapons, Armor, well-made clothes) that they are currently wearing or holding. Most items only will require a single point to ‘activate’ see notes below.

Benefit: For non-magical items it will provide a +1 ‘Mystical’ bonus to Hit and Damage; or a +1 ‘Mystical’ bonus to Armor Class; or a +2 ‘Mystical bonus to either a skill or save. Effect will be decided by GM with collaboration by the player.

This is just the first tier of effect, a simple bonus… Growing the item will actually provide a ‘growing in power’ effect as the character levels. Both GM and Player will have input as to appropriate effects. Examples, a Dagger that never misses once a day, Armor that causes the wearer to Blink for 3 rounds in a 24 hour period at will, Sword that can bypass DR three times in a day… The power should be appropriate to the level of the character. I’d recommend taking a look at AEG’s Magic sourcebook for ideas on Growth Items. i.e. Swords that slowly gain in magic power (increasing plus to enhancement).

If this system goes beyond experimental, I’d actually use this in place of “Body Slots” to require the players must use attunement points to power their magic items. It limits magic item gluttony, and gives incentive to invest in key items…

It also removes the idea of looting for more powerful items, since items are keyed to their owners.

So with 1 point invested you activate the magic item’s latent power, some items (read more powerful) will require more points to activate.

Once again, this is all experimental and will change at a whim.

House Rules under review

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